Monday, May 26, 2008

Sewing Pattern Collection Additions

Hancock Fabrics has a pattern sale this weekend. I now own every Vogue pattern I ever wanted. And some I never had any interest in. Shopping with my friend brings a new eye to many previously ignored styles. And a clearer perspective on some styles I thought I just had to have. And thanks to the other pattern book readers for their invaluable assistance (actually laughter) in helping me to resist some very inappropriate choices. I got 1048 and 1049 in both my bust and hip size. At $3.88 each, I could afford two different sizes.

My Niece Told Me To Start Blogging

Last weekend I was in California for my oldest son's graduation from Hastings. I stayed in Sacramento at Maman's. My younger sister's daughter was there with her new baby and, when I told her this was a great year for one of those photocopied Christmas letters, insisted that I should begin blogging.

In March, I went to Guatemala with my husband and another couple and studied Spanish for a week. In April, my second son and I went to Paris to visit my daughter who is a student at the Sorbonne this term. We all took the Chunnel to London for a few days and saw Spamalot in the West End. Wearing a money belt, as I always do when traveling, I was pick pocketed and lost the free map given out at the hotel. Since I knew I had absolutely nothing of value, I went ahead and took my hands out of my pocket to point a direction to a clean cut teenager. Even thought I knew it was happening, I didn't feel a thing. Those guys were good. (One on each side.) Who is providing the incentive for these guys? As a corporate accountant, my son couldn't get more than ten days off. After he left, my daughter and I went to Rome for the week. We stayed in three different convents. Great places for peace and quiet. We took a day trip to Naples and Pompeii. Then we took a night train to Nice before wandering all around France by train. And in May, my son graduated from law school. As year's go, this one had enough good stuff for one whole page before the year was half over.