Monday, May 20, 2013

Farming Success!

These are beet greens I grew myself. John juices every morning that he is home and I figured I would try to grow our own spinach for the carrot, ginger, ape, greens stuff concoction he squeezes in this beautiful machine. Someone gave me some expired beet seeds and I just threw them in the plot and stirred the into the dirt. Like I was making cookies or something. And magically these came up. Good Times!

Hi Amanda!

I promised my daughter I would update my blog this weekend - but between discovering Space Bags and a trip to IKEA in Dallas, I have been totally absorbed with rearranging my Craft/Spare/Guest Room and (accidentally) my Closet. So I'll explain these pictures some other time. It's my turn to make dinner for the 15 women in my Stamping Club tonight, so TTFN*.
*Ta Ta For Now

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beautiful Savannah

If you lived in Savannah, Georgia, you could walk everywhere. But it would take forever to get around if you kept stopping to soak in the beautiful homes, churches, gardens, and squares. And read all the information on plaques telling the history of the city. Having lived my whole life on the West Coast, one of the most emotional moments for me was standing in the First African Church built by slaves and financed from the meager amounts they were able to earn, which many were saving to buy their own or their family's freedom. That's faith.