Friday, May 30, 2014

Spent Easter Weekend In London - But Many Of My Pictures Were On My iPhone And My Cloud Was Full So When My Phone Broke, These Were What I Had Left

 Spent Saturday at the Royal Air Force Museum - Amazing collection of planes!
 St Pancreas Hotel was totally beautiful.  We had our Easter Tea there.  Lovely Sandwiches, Bunny Cookies, and an odd Carrot and Chocolate Mouse - which tasted just like Carrots and Chocolate.

 (One spoonful was all I needed.  You'd think as much as I love Carrot Cake that this would have worked for me - it didn't.)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Does Betty Crocker Have A Clinic For Irish Butter Addiction?

 First Day Lunch in a Pub With Nick and Kelsey Before They Left For Paris
 Guinness Factory
 Sheep plus Wind
 Banoffee Pie - a hundred different ways to make it, and I hope to try all of them!
 John in Kinsale
 One of the Churches
 One of the Pubs