Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Isn't The World Full Of Nice People and Even More Bugs?

Here's another fabulous Oklahoma bug - bright green with wings of the sheerest gold veined with black.  I've never really minded bugs and am quite enjoying most of these big guy - the ones over 2 inches.  But I am so over the teeny, tiny little ones.  I have spent a small fortune getting containers for anything nutritious enough to attract small bugs.
I bought my first every fly swatter to combat all those wasps who won't accept the fact that their nest is gone.  And speaking of my wasp nest, (which turned out to be the first of four that needed removing), here's a picture of the guys who took down that first, the most threatening of the nests.  On the left is Zackary Burr, who must be related to the handsome guy who played Perry Mason, Raymond Burr.  On the right is Carson Freckleton, who had a birthday today.  His splendid height was invaluable in knocking out those wasps.  Nice guys, and whether you believe as they do or not, you have to give them credit for their hard work as LDS Missionaries.  I like to make sure they get fed regularly.  And buy them the occasional Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper, which does have caffeine, but isn't coffee, so it's OK.  They are surprised at how many people think caffeine is a problem and very nicely tell them that they might rather have the Sprite instead.  Oklahoma has such nice people.
I wonder how many Catholics, myself included, could give up 2 years like this.    

Monday, July 30, 2012

Couple's Evening Entertainment

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is such a nice film for a couple to watch.  Marilyn from the pool suggested it to me during a lull in water aerobics.  (I love Marilyn - I love her big happy smile and smart, sage advice on local customs.)  It doesn't replace Cold Comfort Farm as my favorite, but I could happily watch it a  few more times.  But the big plus is that John enjoyed it, too.  Thanks, Marilyn!  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Anyone who know me, knows that I love my birthday!  And tonight I'm going out for what is supposed to be the best Mexican Food in Dallas.  So my favorite style of food, in one of my favorite cities, with my favorite guy, on my favorite day - I can feel how jealous you all are.  No, seriously, I know anyone who reads this is just happy for me!  And I'm sure lots of people are happy not to be in Dallas during late July.  And some people don't even love Mexican food - but my point, and I do have one, is that I'm not one of those people who get all melancholy around special days.  Like Christmas - it does not have to be perfect to be fabulous.  And if some years, all the stars aline and it does turn out perfect, (like this year), all the better.

One of my favorite Oklahoma friends, Catherine, has a way of looking at things that seeps into your subconscious.  Really - ask anyone who reads her blog.  In addition to her fashion sense, she takes wonderful pictures and I often think of her when whipping out my camera for an unusual shot- whether it is a scene I find funny, awesome, poignant, or industrial.  And since she and her sweetie drive around in a Smart Car, this really made me miss being in Tulsa with her today.  Yes, that's a Smart Car with a rack on the back.  These guys are ready to tow around some bicycles.  Those bikes will be bigger than the car.  Too good to pass up!   

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indoor And Outdoor Art In Fort Worth, Texas

Anybody who know me well, is aware of my feelings about Outdoor Art.  It has to be very traditional and done by someone highly skilled for me to accept it.  Very little non traditional Outdoor Art works for me.  For example, in Seattle there is a huge, Million Dollar mechanical silhouette called Hammering Man.  I think it is the biggest waste of money in a city known for money wasting.  It wasn't even well made.  When they first tried to mount it on its base, it fell off.  Which did have one benefit - it took 6 months to repair it and for 6 more months, we didn't have the huge black cartoonish eyesore cluttering up the downtown sidewalk.  For another thing, it was The Hammering Man!  Not a Seattle thing - make it the fish throwing man, the airplane building man, or just a fishing man - that I could understand.  Another piece of outdoor art is the confusing 30 foot tall Typewriter Eraser, with its mangled bristles,which no one under the age of 50 understands.  Don't get me started!
But this Cutout Man in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas just blew me away!  It's perfectly executed and germane to the neighborhood.  Briefcase and cowboy hat - love it!  It helps that John's handsome face graces one of the cutout legs.
Speaking of John, there he is next to a Jumbo Cowboy and Horse statue in the downtown Barnes and Noble.  You all remember how I picked him out for his looks, don't you?  He's still got it!
(Tomorrow's my birthday!!) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Salsa And Façonnable Laundry

People keep giving me wonderful ripe tomatoes.  Add those to all the ones I have grown, and I had to think of something special to do to preserve them.  I decided to combine them with some free peppers and some purchased ones - Poblanos (my favorite pepper) and Jalapeños, onions, vinegar, and salt.  Boil 10 minutes and pour in jars.  Boil those jars for 15 minutes.  (3 cups chopped tomatoes, 3 cups chopped peppers, 1 cup chopped onions, 1 cup cider vinegar, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt.)
And continuing to point out the wonderful bargains that can be had at Goodwill stores, here's another brand that they don't recognize- Façonnable.  I didn't even remember until I grabbed up my whites to do a load of laundry and felt the silky cotton they use for their interesting variations on classic lines.  (These were bought in the By-The-Pound Goodwill, so were less than 35 cents each.)   

Sunday, July 22, 2012

These Are (Not) My People - Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

John and I have a few movies that resonate with one or both of us - and usually there is one particularly special scene that we will be able to mimic credibly.  In Grease, it's Beauty School Dropout sung by Frankie Avalon, where John does the words and I do the steps.  In Tin Cup it's that scene in the Waffle House where Kevin Costner tells Rene Russo that he eats there because, "These are my people!"  (Check out the look on her face on my TV.)  We started using a variation of this phrase the first time he took me to a Waffle House, outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, where I couldn't help but mutter, "These are not my people!"  And please don't imagine that there is any value judgement attached to this - different (from me) isn't worse or better, just different.  My point, and I do have one, is that however much I enjoyed that Velveeta Omelet, I can't imagine ever returning to the Waffle House outside of Little Rock.  But I would go back to Little Rock; I enjoyed visiting Little Rock.  The Barbecue was fabulous!
Just saying that the Cowboy Church is a great idea, but not one I'm likely to join.  For one thing, I have high arches and can't seem to find Cowboy Boots to fit.  And Jeans are just too casual for me as church wear.  Not to mention keeping a straight face as the preacher rides in on his horse, which works just fine, since the floor is, well, actually there isn't a floor - it's dirt.  Great motto - "Ridin With Faith."  Not my people, but still pretty cool!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Porter Peach Festival Parade In Pictures

How Was The Cobbler?

Look what we found this afternoon right after getting home from the Porter Peach Festival.  I know, I know - I said I was never going again, but John wanted to.  Memories of the Church Ladies Peach Cobbler were drawing him in like a Spider Web.  And like we forget the labor pains, since we ended up with the baby, he forgot the Sauna like heat of last year.  Which was cooler than this year, I'm pretty sure.  But we came home and found a Wasp Pediatric Ward.  Right in the corner of the garage door, just about 12 inches from the front door.  And suddenly realized that we didn't own a hose anymore, cause we're renters.  We also don't own a ladder.  And since we're renters, this isn't even our problem.  Yeah!
Oh, and how was the Cobbler, you might ask - well, it must have been good, since there aren't any pictures of it.  That's right, all eaten before we even remembered we had a camera.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cowboy Church And Couch

Sunday drive took us by the Cowboy Church.  Did not see even a single cowboy, coming or going.  Look what we saw along the way.  Would you call it a Couch?  A Sofa?  A Divan?  A Davenport?  Or a throne for a deposed ruler (and his family) pitched out on the country road.  I love it - it has real Presence.  I wish I had known it before it became homeless.  Did anyone see the Big Bang Theory episode where Penny brings home a Stuffed Chair she finds on the sidewalk?  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Penny

Have you seen the new penny?  The front is the same as always, but instead of states, like the quarter, there is a shield that is reminiscent of the Badge 714, from the old TV show Dragnet.  It was Joe Friday's badge number.  I remember the Badge number specifically since my father's badge was 715, and the badge issued to the officer before him was 713.  That's right - Dragnet was such a huge part of the public consciousnesses that they didn't give out Joe Friday's badge number.  Just the facts, mam.

Monday, July 16, 2012

More Goodwill Bargain Brands

 I mentioned a few days ago some of the brands that Goodwill doesn't know are special - therefore your will spend less for them.  These three items were less than $3 each.  Vivenne Tam (her own label, not some collection made for Target or H&M), Tory Burch, and authentic Prada.  I note "authentic" Prada, since you occasionally see a fake Prada purse for $35.  (Speaking of fake, I saw what has to be a fake Tommy Bahama shirt - and I had no idea there was such a thing.)  

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yes Leverage, not the Investing Strategy but the TV Show.  One of my favorite shows.  New season just started a few minutes ago.  They have relocated from Boston and are now operating out of a Brewery in Portland, Oregon.  (The fictional characters in the show, that is.)  They flashed a picture of this Brewery - it was the view from our bedroom window when we lived in a loft in the Pearl District in Portland, while getting our move to Tulsa ironed out.  No kidding!  John and I both looked at it and gasped. it was such a surprise. Then they ended up at the Wilsonville Museum of Flight, of which I am a member - since they have one of the most perfect B17's in the West.  And that kind of thing has to be rewarded!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Watch And Radio Shack To The Rescue

I found a nice Seiko watch at my Goodwill for $2.  Of course it needed a battery, but usually it would have been more than $2, even needing a battery, so I was a little curious about how easy it was going to be to get a battery.  (Seiko is a brand that Goodwill Stores in Oklahoma are familiar with - someday I will give out a list of the brand that Goodwill doesn't recognize as valuable.)  (Like Eileen Fisher, Babette of San Francisco, Misook, and Escada, which will be cheaper than most Miley Cyrus or Target brand.)  I struck out at CVS, where I went first since I had a coupon to use.  I ran over to one of my favorite stores, The Radio Shack in Owasso, Oklahoma.  That's a picture of Superclerk Mike who took less than 2 sec (no kidding, I was timing him) to hand me the exact battery I needed.  And for much less than $10 total, I have a beautiful, working Seiko watch!
I have always had a soft spot for Radio Shack, thinking that when I could afford it, I would build my own amp, turn table, computer, radio, or radio controlled B17.  Did I mention that I started having these dreams before I was even a teenager?  Maybe now that I'm retired, I should build that motorized car?

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Did you know that tomorrow is Friday The 13th?  Do you care?  I'm pretty nervous about it.  Isn't this the last year of the Mayan Calendar, too?  That reminds me - along with no IKEA, Trader Joe's, Safeway, Nordstroms, or Cost Plus, Oklahoma has no Marie Callender Restaurants.  And that means no Fresh Strawberry Pie from a Marie Callender Restaurant.  Sigh!
My grandparents discovered Marie Callender Strawberry Pies when she would bake them and her son would sell them - I think it was at his fruit stand, but it's been a long time since then and my grandparents aren't around to ask.  She would fill her flaky crust with a custard base and pile on only the best freshest strawberries to a height of 7or 8 inches, then cover the berries with a glaze.  The best!
Oh, and all I can say about tomorrow is "Good Luck!"  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rural Pictures I Like, But Really Don't Have Anything Interesting To Write About

Driving back from Kansas, we whizzed by lots of things I would have loved to have had pictures of - ponds and cows, old towns with odd little gas stations, and these amazing power plants.  I couldn't believe that coal was still being used to generate electricity, but you can see the conveyor belts used to take it up into the plants.  What I didn't get a picture of was a small lake overhung with a pulley system that was used to pull water skiers around, boatless.  I'll be back driving up 169 in the next 6 weeks or so, and get a picture to post then.  But I did manage to get a picture of the Kansas state highway sign featuring the state flower, the Sunflower, surrounding the Highway number.  (279)
OK, this is almost too boring to post!  Maybe I can add my Birthday Want List to bring some spice to it.  I want a better camera and a real laptop.  Currently I use an old net book with no sound.  I want a nice camera that takes pictures really fast, so I have lots to pick from.  (And don't have to use ones that make me look my age.)  The Chanel Summer nail colors, with lipsticks to match.  A white Gypsy Skirt.  Dinner in Dallas.    

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now You Know Why I Can Recite The Ingredient List For Cheeze Whiz

Most of my life has been spent reading stuff - rather like an addict.  When I wasn't in the middle of a book, I would read the ingredients list on the Catsup bottle.  Since discovering the world of Blogs, I have been able to direct my reading toward mostly things that interest me.  I first discovered sewing blogs.  Sewing is a solitary pursuit - and it shouldn't be.  This community is the Sewing Circle my Aunts and Grandmothers had.  And it is divided even further.  Sewing costumes has a great group of blogs, which I love.  Quilting has its own group, but that's not my thing.  (Quilting is really, really hard to do - you have to make these tiny seams that all match and choose prints that go well together.)  There are blogs that review books, so I know whether I want to spend the time and money on all the new books, and let's just all agree that there are way more books coming out than a person could possibly do justice to.  Another of my loves is TV (except not that reality stuff), and if I fall asleep just before the end of the Masterpiece Theatre Mystery, I can google the spoiler, instead of spending another 2 hours watching it all over again.  But the truth is that I can watch those old Masterpiece Theatre episodes over and over again - but you get my point.  (If you agree that I actually had a point?)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday In Kansas City

Great time in Kansas City today.  Had an interesting lunch at the Smokehouse - pulled pork and sweet potato fries - the only type of fries I eat.  Not that I don't enjoy the Cajun Garlic Cheese fries at Disneyland in the French Quarter, but I'm pretty sure the taste isn't worth how bad I think they are for me.  Found something I had never heard of before - Cheesy Corn.  It's as if Mac and Cheese decided to masquerade as a vegetable.  Think this will go in the same category as French Fries.
Had a bit of fun with the clothes today and wore something totally unlike my usual.  This top is from Chico's - by way of my daughter's savvy shopping at the Goodwill by the pound store.  As light as it is, it cost about 25 cents - seriously!  It ties at the low hip and it very flattering.  She know what I should wear, even if I don't.  And the Cost Plus necklace was irresistible.  I stopped there to pick up a few things for my friend Jane, who agrees that Tulsa needs a Trader Joe's and Cost Plus, badly.  Nothing earth shaking - but Good Times!