Friday, January 31, 2014

Hard To Believe I Was Really In Hawaii

 Hawaii is just a memory now.  But the one nice thing is having a cooler night for sleeping - 8 degrees our first night home!
 Yes, that's my sweetie working since this was a business trip for him.
 This place was supposed to have the best burger in Hawaii - a bean burger, of all things.  I am the one who always has the vege-burger if it sounds interesting.  In Oregon there is a small chain called Burgerville which has a bean burger that is as good as this one - but the Hawaiian one has a better bun and lettuce.  Plus they made a wonderful Coconut Cake.  But oddly for us, John is the one who got the bean burger and I had shredded pork.  Best I ever ate.
 Northshore had record waves and advisories - we stayed out of the surf.
 But back at Waikiki Beach, the water was fine.

Monday, January 13, 2014

This Is Why I Couldn't Waste Anymore Time On A Cold - Business Trip To Hawaii And I Get To Come Along

Beautiful view from the plane andy favorite building - followed by a "Tank Farm" picture. That's the business aspect. (Don't have any idea what my favorite building is used for, I just always think it's gorgeous.)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Water Aerobics One Day, Then Rest The Next

I have been guilty of posting photos of some pretty icky stuff - Black Widow Spiders, snails, major brown moths, and plenty of creepy bugs that I haven't a clue what to call.  But here is the ickiest item I can even imagine.
My husband's new travel toothbrush.
Want to know why this is icky?  It's a horrid tale with elements of "secure in his masculinity", Australian Super Cold bugs, having to share the bathroom while traveling, mistaken identity, massive amounts of prescription medication (including multiple injections), and the cold that I thought would never end.
First: "Secure in my own masculinity" is what my husband said when our dentist in Seattle (who everyone who knows me knows I think is the finest dentist in the US) was out of blue soft bristle brushes and took a pink one instead.
Second: The cold that John came back from Australia with was epic.
Third: Bathroom sharing is not first choice for me and unless I'm traveling, John and I don't.  (I recognize that this is a luxury, but I am a lucky woman who paid her dues by sharing the bathroom for most of my life.  Although for almost 10 years it was my choice not to finish the bathroom plumbed into our basement because it would absolutely have resulted in my mother-in-law moving in and then I wouldn't have the second bathroom anyway.)  (At one point, I agree to put in the fixtures, but without walls - John disagreed.)
Fourth: Mistaken identity - I use the new toothbrush my dentist gives out as my travel brush, which has never been an issue, since it's pink and they only give pink toothbrushes to the ladies.  (Except for the once in a blue moon situation when they are out of blue.)  So my new travel toothbrush was an identical twin to the one John had - identical except for the Super Cold germs lurking on one of them - cold germs that had already survived all the ministrations of modern medicine.  And for some strange reason, instead of leaving it on the counter where he always does, he left it in the bathtub, which is where I always leave mine. 
My point, and I do have one, is that you are going to have to read between the lines to figure out why I have been out of commission for so long.  It's just too icky.  I finally got back to Water Aerobics this week so I am declaring myself all better!  (Even thought I needed a day to recover.)