Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Vamp Of Savannah?

Remember that song?  It's really all I have ever heard about Savannah other than the famous fact that it was spared the devastation many other Southern cities experienced in our Civil War.  John and I are spending the week here for a work conference.  (He's working, but I am just playing.)
Walking down to the Savannah River from out hotel, we found this Memorial to the WWII casualties from the area.

View from the glass elevator inside the hotel.
Most of the buildings are so beautiful - even this simple one has touches of the wrought iron that decorates almost every one.
This river boat is the one we will cruise on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wichita - First Day

Saw this amazing building from the freeway and got right off to try and find out what it was.
Friends University,1928.  But according to one of John's friends it started out as Garfield University before 1890.
And these houses were all within walking distance.
Highlight of today was dinner at a barbecue place called Bite Me that was recommended by Debbi of She Accessorizes Well.  It was so good!  And only a few blocks from the hotel.  When we walked out of the restaurant, it was snowing.  Yes, snowing!  The first time Wichita has had snow after April 22nd since 1889, according to local weatherman.  And maybe even before that, since they didn't even keep track of weather in Wichita before then.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Back Sightseeing In Wichita This Week

Back in Wichita, Kansas for a few days. Got caught in the worst downpour (of rain) I have ever seen, but before that got some neat pictures of the Scottish Rite Temple and a Rotary Club Monument. That clock is as loud as it is tall. Staying until Wednesday afternoon and exploring while John works. Planning a visit to a cute Bead store right by the hotel. And maybe catching a movie at the cutest theatre ever. Plus great gelato at Cafe Modern, right next door.

Friday, April 19, 2013

We've Spent The Last Few Weeks Watching The Owl Family....And Now Guess What They Are Doing?

 The baby owls are just starting to try and fly, so when we get a glimpse of feathers fluffing. we run for the camera.Yes, we have been shamelessly snooping on their lives, thinking the owls didn't care.  Doesn't this look like payback?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kansas City

So much to do here - would you have guessed?  And lots of Outdoor Art.  Does anyone know the the classy label for Outdoor Art?  Are these Open Air Installments, perhaps?  Whatever you cal it, these blue ovals were quite striking.  There was a gigantic moss covered Stiletto Heeled Shoe near the Nordstrom store, but I just couldn't get a good enough picture of it.

I love the Elephant Bar Chain, and was delighted to find one in Kansas.
The picture of John is to show how he was dressed today. Does he look corporate? The staff at Joann's thought so. I was making my purchase of Sundress Patterns (the only rational way to dress in the heat of an Oklahoma Summer) when I realized all the clerks and their managers were in what can only be described as a Tizzy. Why? Because John had come inside to pick me up and they thought they were having an inspection from Joann Corporate. They were so relieved when they realized he was just looking for me.
Cool looking store.
One of the most fun stores for girls, even ones as old as I am.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Road Trip

Ate lunch at this cute place on the way to Kansas City. Sat at this sweet little table. Food was almost free. And good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Favorite Shoes Are Wearing Out - But Luckily My Local Oklahoma Goodwill Doesn't Always Recognize The Best Brands

 These Cole Haan's have been my favorite shoes for two years.  I wear them all the time - and, in fact, they are showing those first signs of wearing out.  Rats!  I'm not ready!  I have lots of outfits that are dependent on a pair of Teal Walking Flats.  So using the Bella Method, I set out for my local Goodwill to try and replace them.  I figured that this would be the first of many trips, but luck was with me and I found just what I wanted on the first trip.  And for less than $4 per pair.  Because the pricers at my Goodwill don't realize that a Cole Haan shoe shouldn't be priced less than a Target shoe (most of the Target shoes are $6).  And that beautiful Bronze Shoe is Cole Haan.  And that Turquoise shoe is a never wore pair of Arche, a French brand that somehow found it's way to Tulsa.  For less than $4.  And, did I mention that I don't even bother to look at anything that isn't my size anymore?  I know I have complained about the lack of certain retail establishments that I am fond of - no Nordstroms, IKEA's, Trader Joes, Cost Plus/World Market, Cole Haan, Brooks Brothers, etc - but the thrift shopping in Oklahoma more than makes up for that!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mama Owl All Fluffed Up, Drying Out After Last Night's Storm

This picture was actually taken by John, and (other than two public domain pictures of notable persons and a few iPhone snaps of me) is the first picture on my blog that I didn't take - so I am passing all the compliments on to him.  He deserves them - this is a great shot!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Owl Couple Has Been Busy And Has Anyone Else Been Enchanted By Mr Selfridge On Masterpiece Theatre?

First, I have to ask if anyone else is still watching Masterpiece Theatre now that Downton Abbey has wrapped up for the season, and they're presenting Mr Selfridge, with Jeremy Priven as Harry Gordon Selfridge and Zoë Tapper as Ellen Love, who I can hardly wait to see given the old heave-ho for being the most despicable "other woman".  It's a tribute to Priven's talent that you still care about what happens to Selfridge, his family, and his store after watching him prance around with Miss Love.  Try it and let me know.
 I have not seen my owls in a while, and certainly never expected to see them during the day, so was I ever surprised by her at 11 this the morning.  For weeks, I had been trying to figure out what they were doing, so I went to the best source for information on all things Oklahoma - Ron and Amy from the pool at the Y.  Amy advised me to look around for an old bird's nest left by another bird, or the hollow of a tree, or an old stump.  And this old stump is where the nest is.  If you look at the picture below you see on the left the "horns" of the female sticking out at the top.  It appears that very soon we will hear the pitter patter of little wings!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Three TV And Still Nothing To Watch

This is the bleak view from the treadmills at the YMCA where I go for Water Aerobics Monday through Friday.  Saturdays, when John is home, we go there and I use the Treadmill while he lap swims (boring!!).  For entertainment, they have these three TV's up on the wall.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love TV, and I am only slightly selective.  Somehow the Y figured out how to bore me even with three TV's.  One is tuned to local Channel 2 News (I prefer Channel 6 with Leanne, Rich, and Alan), one is  tuned to Fox "News", and the last one is tuned to an Infomercial.  An Infomercial?  Really?  I have never been there on a Saturday without some slick announcer hawking Reverse Mortgages, Diet Plans, Ah-Bras, Ninja Blenders, or space saving bag systems that hook onto your vacuum.  But on the bright side, after walking almost two miles, my Treadmill announced that I had used almost 200 calories - still not quite enough to justify that half dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts I'd planned on eating this weekend.  Hm - what could one use those 200 calories for?  Maybe just a small bag of Cheetos?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Dinner, Baby Sprouts, and Solution(?) (Modification) To Backdoor Window Covering Problem

Made my Chicken Pepper Soup, but this time boiled it down into a stew and served it over rice and pinto beans, with salad greens and avocado.  A little variation, without really doing much different.  Skinless, boneless Chicken thighs, fried in olive oil until crispy, covered with water - then throw in 4 huge or 6 smallish Poblano (also called Pasilla) peppers, a huge onion, 8 Jalapeños, and a Fresno or plain old red bell pepper; all chopped and/or seeded - then add 1/4 cup cumin (you can start with half as much and add more to taste) and a teaspoon of coarse ground black pepper.  Done.  I usually add a bunch of thyme, but my new thyme plant deserved at least of week acclimating to its new home before someone started hacking off bits of it, and, as it turns out, the soup was just as good without it.
There's rice cooking in the very, very old Descoware pan.  Do you have things around that are older than you are, but they still work better than anything new?  (If I wasn't older than John, I might have answered, "him".)  But seriously, if you can get your hands on Descoware, you will love it.  It's from Belgium, and other than the Chocolate, can you think of anything else that is?  (Don't answer "sprouts".)
Here's the view out my backdoor.  For some odd reason, there were blinds covering the window in the door onto the (tiny) balcony.  After settling for opening the slates to allow the limited light into the dining room for a year, today I decide to figure out whether it was possible to pull the blinds totally open - and it is!  You just have to break this little plastic clip at the bottom - and Voilà - light streaming through the open (although broken) blinds.  Did I mention that I rent this place?  Yes, I am a renter, both in Tulsa and Southern California.  I have been a homer owner since my early 20's, but I find the sheer lack of responsibility of renting to be the epitome of stressless living!  Of course, now I have to locate another of these plastic clip thingies to install so as not to lose my deposit.
My seeds are sprouting!
More Descoware
This yellow pan with the white interior is Le Creuset, Marilyn Monroe's favorite cookware.  They bought Descoware, and continue to make these enamel coated cast iron today. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day Trip To Wichita - Next Time I'm Staying A Few Days So I Can Check Out Some Of These Interesting Sites

Beautiful day for a road trip, so John and I went to Wichita for lunch.  He had a little business to conduct, but that waited until after we ate.  At a place call The Pump House.
Here's John waiting at the door.
I had the Fish and Chips.  I expected French Fries - wouldn't you?  But what I got were these delicious fancy freshly made Potato Chips.  
Then I walked around a bit, to see what to come back for on my next trip.
This local Melodrama looks like fun.
Beautiful old hotel.
And anyone who knows me knows that I can't resist outdoor art!
What on earth could be in the Museum of World Treasures??