Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wichita - First Day

Saw this amazing building from the freeway and got right off to try and find out what it was.
Friends University,1928.  But according to one of John's friends it started out as Garfield University before 1890.
And these houses were all within walking distance.
Highlight of today was dinner at a barbecue place called Bite Me that was recommended by Debbi of She Accessorizes Well.  It was so good!  And only a few blocks from the hotel.  When we walked out of the restaurant, it was snowing.  Yes, snowing!  The first time Wichita has had snow after April 22nd since 1889, according to local weatherman.  And maybe even before that, since they didn't even keep track of weather in Wichita before then.  


  1. Wow - and all those houses are so different too! Bite me is such a fun name, hilarious!

  2. I love old houses like that, especially ones with verandas. They suggest a slower lifestyle with time and temperatures conducive to sitting around outdoors. If I ever returned to the US, I would seek out one of those. I remember my alma mater back in the 80s had loads of cute houses in the streets nearby. Mostly rented to students I think. 'Student' here in Britain has a different connotation: drunken louts prepared to live in the worst conditions, who destroy property and leave behind unbelievable filth. I'm pretty sure people wouldn't get away with it in the States, particularly as higher education is increasingly expensive and exclusive. The Friends University looks very much like the original part of Central State University in Edmond, now called University of Central Oklahoma for some reason. http://oacteok.org/institutions/uco.html

  3. Love those huge Victorian-style houses but would hate the cost of heating and cooling one. I wonder if the Garfield University was named for the former President Garfield? Does anybody remember him? I can't even remember the years he served in the White House. Have a nice trip visiting Wichita.

  4. Stunning buildings, I love the wrap-around verandah.