Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Have Been Distracted Lately! Happy Birthday To Mike!

 My son Nick and his fiancée Kelsey in their engagement picture!
Two or three weeks ago my son Nick called and said that the perfect spot for their wedding had just had a cancellation for the end of July and was my schedule clear for that date.  It was the weekend of ComicCon, an event I have attended for years and totally enjoy, but of course I said I was free.  My son Zach, who goes to ComicCon with me every year, said "Naturally that other couple rescheduled their wedding - they must have gotten tickets to ComicCon!"  But all silliness aside, we are now on track for an end of July wedding and very excited.  The place must be very small, since we are only having immediate family.  Actually I don't mean "immediate family", since my immediate family is about 70 people, so I must mean "nuclear family", just John and me and Zach and Amanda.  (Mike, Amanda's husband - whose birthday is today - Happy Birthday, Mike, - has his final geology fieldwork this Summer and will not be able to come.)  My husband's "immediate family" is one (him), unless you count me and our children, which I had already included in my count.  At any rate, the important thing is that ever since they announced that their wedding was scheduled for Summer 2015, at the earliest, I have been trying to grow taller, since losing weight for a special event is about as realistic as changing eye color.  Well, when my doctor measured my height Thursday, I had not even gained a fourth of an inch!  Rats!  But I did get a prescription for RetinA, which won't make me look better in a dress, but could work other magic.  Good Times!   

Friday, March 14, 2014

I Refuse To Write Crabby Stuff Even Though Daylight Saving Time Started This Week - Oh, And Happy Pi Day!

Anyone who knows me knows that Daylight Saving Time really upsets the  rhythm of my life.  It started Sunday and I know from past experience that it will be almost a month before I get used to it.  Until then, I will be just slightly crabby - but that's not anyone else's fault, so I won't write that way.  So I thought, what do we all enjoy?  Chocolate, of course, but it is Lent, after all, so I went with second choice - Shoes.  It has just been within the last few months that I realized my go-to shoe is the Espadrille.  I have pairs from Target that I paid less than $10 for and Spanish pairs that I have paid 20 times that much for.  Cost per wear is much less than $1 when they eventually wear out.
 Via Spiga Sequined ones, Calypso St Barth Blue Print, and Pricy Andre Assous Braided Black  
      Stubbs and Wooten
Here are some new napkins I am making because nothing cheers me like a little sewing - even if it is just adding a hem.
And for the Mathematically Inclined, here is a Snickers Pie, made in a Pi pan, by my son Zach - in honor of Pi day, which only makes sense if you write your dates the US way, which would make today -  3-14.  (Get it? Pi is 3.14.)  (Roughly.)  And he is serving the Pi Pie at work at 1:59, in honor of an expanded version - 3.14159.  Nerds rule!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Oodells of Noodles And A Mutant Bird Of Paradise

Was in the mood for a Stir-Fry over Soba Noodles, so ran over to the H-Mart, that giant Korean Grocery Store, where there is one entire aisle devoted to Noodles, and there are still more on the next aisle.  Very small price difference, so I went with the Organic, and surprise - these Japanese noodles were made in Australia.  And not just one Organic brand, at least 3 different brands were Australian.  And they were exceptionally good!   

My favorite "flower" in the world is the Bird of Paradise.  When I was growing up in Southern California, they fascinated me.  If you've familiar with them, you probably think of them as about a metre high, but they get much taller.  There is one off my second floor balcony that is currently blooming although the Date Palm next to it makes it hard to tell.
 Young (less than 5 years old) Bird of Paradise
So beautiful!

Old Bird of Paradise - almost 20 feet tall.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's My Mother's Birthday!

It's my mother's birthday today!  How old is she?  Well, she has always been a bit coy about her age, so I will just say over 90 but under 100.  That's my brother Tony with her.  This is from Thanksgiving - two months ago.  Probably the worst picture I've ever taken of him.  He is so much cuter in real life.  But it's not his birthday, it's hers - and this is a great picture of her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

As They Say In New Orleans - Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras!
Now here's a perfect color name for me - A Woman's Prague-Ative,  a pretty orange, although a little glittery.  You can see that I don't worry too much about the perfect application of nail polish - because of something my daughter told me when she polished her nails by herself for the first time.  She might have been 8, but definitely not older, and she informed me that all the excess polish on her hands would just wash away.  Of course - nail polish doesn't stay on your skin.  Pretty smart, huh? 

Enchilada Casserole and beautiful Raspberries for dinner.  And a few silly T-shirts to sleep in.  On the subject of Sleep, my new gadget, the Fitbit fitness tracker says my sleep efficiency is 97%.  Don't know what the criteria is.  Wonder if it was better when I was younger and didn't get up once a night?  Good Times!
What do you think of Lent?  Although the vast majority has abandoned the practice of self-deprivation, I also know that a few of you are taking your last bites of Chocolate before those 6 long weeks of Lent.  Sorry to say, but deprivation is just too easy for me.  So these six weeks involve something far more difficult - as usual, I am planning on tipping someone everyday.  I usually make my own tea, when there are thousands of Coffee/Tea shop employees who my $1 (minimum) per day tip would make a difference to.  Especially in Tulsa where there are lots of people giving up their daily indulgence, and unwittingly reducing those servers' income.  Wish me luck - with the Winter weather waiting for me when I get back to Tulsa next week, it's going to be even more difficult this year.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Did You Know That You Can Buy A Tiara From Walmart?

Everyone who knows me knows how much I like a good Tiara - well, this is not a good Tiara.  But it gets the point across and will be fine for Saint Patrick's Day.  Oh not for me, of course.  With a French mother and Czechoslovakian father I can't wear it, but my husband is half Irish, which means that my children have enough Irish blood to get away with such nonsense.  And Amanda looks very Irish with her pale skin and perfect almost black hair.  
Here she is with a good Tiara.  But my point, and I do have one, is that I'm sending this Irish Princess one to her.  And in April, John and I are planning a trip to Ireland.  And while we are on the subject of John, he sent me this picture from a golf tournament in either Phoenix or Las Vegas, which has a resident Falcon to control the snake population.  

  I can't be the only adult who loves the Despicable Me movies, especially the Minions - so how could I resist these piñatas?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Are You A Morning Person?

Anyone who know me knows that I am not a morning person.  And they also know that I am a sucker for small furry faces.  So when my son's dogs decided that they would like to go out for a walk this morning at 6 am, out we went.  We ran into this juicy looking brown snail, which my French grandfather, Emile, would have deemed delicious.  But we let it live to slime another day.  (After giving it a really good sniff, of course.)
 It was already light out, which you early risers would know, but I never count on daylight until at least 7 am.
 And I actually figured out how to use the Fitbit, fitness tracker - which shows my half mile dog walk at 6 this morning, including the two minutes we ran just for fun.  Good Times!
For fun, here are a few of the exotic items for sale across the street at the H-Mart, a huge Korean grocery store that is part of a chain.
 Prices range from unbelievably high to incredibly low - and come early for the best produce.  I snagged this enormous English style cucumber on sale for 49 cents! 
 But would have had to pay around $15 for this bag of Perilla seeds, which are used in Korean cooking.  I might buy these next time. 
 This is the frozen bulk foods section, with Fish Balls, Tiny Korean Sausages, and some other oddities - scoop just what you want into a bag.
 Hard to tell how shiny and blue these Crabs were - and how live!

 Juice Boxes and Pannetone, left over from Christmas, I assume, since who thinks to pick up their Panetone at the Korean grocers.

 And there's a sale on Duck Eggs.