Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunday At The Circle Theatre and Smoke On Cherry Street

I wrote about the great time John and I had at the Philbrook Museum on Sunday, but we had a really nice day on Saturday too.  First we went to the Circle Theatre, which is an older Art House Theatre (might be the only one in Tulsa) and saw Magic In The Moonlight.  It was fun, but neither of us realized it was a Woody Allen film and there is just so much of Emma Stone doing Annie Hall that we could handle.  However the fashions were Absolutely Fabulous, and I must agree with Faux Fuchsia that the Gardens were also amazing.  And Colin Firth is always so entertaining. 
After the movie we went to Smoke On Cherry Street for a late brunch, which is impossible to find because there is no Cherry Street anymore - a secret joke the native Tulsan must find hilarious.  They gave it a number, 15th Street - I think, and then kept telling the newcomers about the wonderful restaurants located on Cherry Street - and the unfortunately named Cherry Street Farmer's Market, which is purported to be one of the best. 
But back to Smoke - John had the Green Chili Pork on Seasoned Potatoes with perfectly Poached Eggs.   
And I had a Petite Filet with the same.  Best Steak Ever!
Saw this old car in the parking lot of the Y and had to take some pictures - but it was just too perfect - it was made from a kit using a modern car base.  Still very cool.

Is everyone as worried for Joan Rivers as I am?  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Good Hair Day At The Philbrook Art Museum

These are pictures from last Friday when I went to the Philbrook Art Museum with a bunch of girlfriends from Water Aerobics.  Today John and I went back - after an hour of testing out Golf Clubs at the local sporting goods store.  For me!  That's right, I am (probably) going to learn how to play Golf.  I always planned on learning to play once I retired, but had forgotten what with all the travel and basic excitement.  So we had to figure out if I wanted to play Left-handed or Right-handed.  I have adapted to doing so much Right-handed since all the equipment available to me wouldn't work the other way.  Like with Sewing Scissors - I am not as accurate using scissors with my Left-hand, since I got tired of all the blisters and had switched hands by the time I was seven.
If you do go to the Philbrook, you should probably just go ahead and join, because it saves you having to pay admission when you go back - and if you're like John and me, you will.  This month there was a special Monet exhibit and soon there will be the Christmas Festival of Trees.
 We saw some wonderful art, like this Rodin Statue
 And beautiful views of the fabulous garden
 and Carol, Michele, and Marilyn having their picture taken by my other friend Marilyn.
Good Hair Day Today
All day my hair has behaved nicely and felt as soft and silky as a head full of curl possibly can.   
Anyone who knows me knows that I am "Team Jennifer" all the way.  I mean, why on earth are we supposed to celebrate the marriage of Brangelina (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) - when the very concept is obviously lost on them.  But my point. and I do have one, is that I choose a new hair product (ever wonder what exactly was considered "hair tonic"?) because it had Jennifer Aniston's name on it.  I'd used up the travel size of my usual curl controller when I was in Hawaii this Summer, and had to try something new.  And there were endless choices.  Even once I'd decided to support Team Jennifer, I had to narrow it down.  The Living Proof Perfect Hair wasn't quite up to the task - but the Living Proof Anti Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream was terrific.  The Aveda Curl Controller is still first choice, but this is a very close second.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This Is Why Everyone Should Just Buy A Dress Whether They Need It Or Not, Because Nothing Is Worth The Panic Of Last Minute Dress Shopping

The hunt for a good Mother of the Groom Dress seemed so simple.  This blue dress was good but they only had smaller sizes.  And the nude lining was a little much.  But it was such a well designed dress that luckily I took notice of the designer's name - Tadashi Shoji. 
 And then I found this great burgundy lace Adrianna Papell - and I bought it.  Should have been the end of the search, right? 
 So why am I trying on this Tadashi Shoji dress two days before the wedding?  By the way, I loved it but am against black at weddings on the Groom's mother.  (Me.)
 The reason I had to run to South Coast Plaza and search out a different dress from the Burgundy one I planned on wearing was because Amanda sent me a picture of the dress she planned on wearing and it was the exact same Lace - I mean exact same - Color and Designer.  So why did I decide it would be easier for me to find a different dress than for her to?  Because she is just the slightest bit hard to fit these days since she is just the slightest bit pregnant!  (Hoorah!)
This is her with Kelsey, Nick, and Zach.  The shoulder at the far edge of this picture is Kelsey's very handsome brother Dustin and I will add a picture of him as soon as I find one. 
 So here is my last minute purchase and I just loved wearing it.
 The backdrop for these pictures is a set of barn doors that Kelsey's mother Linda whitewashed to perfection.  And she made our corsages - Roses and Miniature Cali Lilies - so pretty!  All I did was find a dress - I didn't even make it myself.  This Mother of the Groom thing is pretty sweet. 
This is Kelsey and Nick with her parents - the sun is in their eyes so just ignore their expressions.  Her mother, Linda wore the most beautiful beaded dress with matching shoes that I wish I had a better picture of.  Soft pinkish beige with flat bows - so good with the dress.  Just perfect. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just Try Googling "How Not To Cry At Your Son's Wedding" - You Don't Actually Get Useful Advice

Anyone who know me well, knows that I celebrate all of my children's milestones, large or small, with a bit of a cry.  I think this has always made Nick just slightly uncomfortable, so I was determined not to do it at the wedding.  First you have to discard most of the advice that a Google search for "How Not To Cry At Your Son's Wedding" comes up with.  Biting your tongue (literally) might keep the tears away, but results in a most unpleasant facial expression for the pictures.  I settled for looking up and occasionally blinking.  This worked pretty well until Kelsey's brother (who officiated) said that "Kelsey is my heart".  So sweet and now I am tearing up all over again.  I'll have to wait to write about my dress.       

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Grit Chips, Cronuts, And Christmas Mint M&M's With An Expiration/Sellby Date Of 8/2014

 This is what happens when your husband goes to the store without you - Grit Chips, in the Sweet Heat Flavor, or course.  Not a Frito and not quite a Tortilla Chip.
 This is my first ever Cronut - purported to be a Donut (a good thing) made from the dough of a Croissant (a better thing).  Just in case you wonder how they are, I couldn't get a picture taken fast enough to get one without a bite out of it already.  Luckily they are too expensive at $3.50 each for me to get addicted.  In the background is my sweet son-in-law, Mike with his more healthy choice (understanding that all things are relative) a giant Ham and Cheese Croissant.
 All those flakey layers, deep fried and glazed!
 I don't know what possessed me but I chose to look at the expiration date before tossing out these Christmas Mint M&M's - and guess what?  They were not even close to expired.  Since I was on my own for dinner last night, I had a large glass of milk and a hand-full of these.
And this morning I got up early and ran the rest down the disposal, because if I can't get any taller for the Summer Wedding pictures from Nick and Kelsey's wedding, I should at least try not to look shorter.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Spent Easter Weekend In London - But Many Of My Pictures Were On My iPhone And My Cloud Was Full So When My Phone Broke, These Were What I Had Left

 Spent Saturday at the Royal Air Force Museum - Amazing collection of planes!
 St Pancreas Hotel was totally beautiful.  We had our Easter Tea there.  Lovely Sandwiches, Bunny Cookies, and an odd Carrot and Chocolate Mouse - which tasted just like Carrots and Chocolate.

 (One spoonful was all I needed.  You'd think as much as I love Carrot Cake that this would have worked for me - it didn't.)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Does Betty Crocker Have A Clinic For Irish Butter Addiction?

 First Day Lunch in a Pub With Nick and Kelsey Before They Left For Paris
 Guinness Factory
 Sheep plus Wind
 Banoffee Pie - a hundred different ways to make it, and I hope to try all of them!
 John in Kinsale
 One of the Churches
 One of the Pubs