Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Birds

Someone who thought they were helping told me that I should never blog when I am out-of-town. But since I'm almost always out-of-town, I've decided (after thinking about the advice for two years) to just post anyway. About the interesting things that can happen when I am away from Tulsa - like my husband hearing rustling in his bathroom early in the morning, which no one else every heard. Coming from in back of the dryer. If it was a mouse it was the cleanest mouse around. And if it was a opossum (my guess due to their ability to remain totally silent and still) - well - Yikes!!
Look what happened when he banged on the wall next to the dryer vent!

Good Times!


  1. Ah, there you go - only a nice birdie! And welcome back to Blogland, Beryl. You have been missed. Especially when we fly across the States to Canada and I see Tulsa on the map, and give you a wave :)

  2. Hi Patricia - And I think about how far it is for you to visit your grandsons in Canada. Thanks for the wave!