Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mount Vernon? Am I Ever Getting Back To Tulsa?

Got to tour George Washington's home yesterday evening. Pretty amazing. It is privately owned by a group of women who purchased it in the mid 1800's. No public funds are ever used to maintain it. The view of the Potomac River from the back is quite beautiful.  It's raining so much in Washington DC that these are probably the only pictures I'll get here. But should get back to Tulsa tomorrow and then I can add some Ireland pictures. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Have Been Distracted Lately! Happy Birthday To Mike!

 My son Nick and his fiancée Kelsey in their engagement picture!
Two or three weeks ago my son Nick called and said that the perfect spot for their wedding had just had a cancellation for the end of July and was my schedule clear for that date.  It was the weekend of ComicCon, an event I have attended for years and totally enjoy, but of course I said I was free.  My son Zach, who goes to ComicCon with me every year, said "Naturally that other couple rescheduled their wedding - they must have gotten tickets to ComicCon!"  But all silliness aside, we are now on track for an end of July wedding and very excited.  The place must be very small, since we are only having immediate family.  Actually I don't mean "immediate family", since my immediate family is about 70 people, so I must mean "nuclear family", just John and me and Zach and Amanda.  (Mike, Amanda's husband - whose birthday is today - Happy Birthday, Mike, - has his final geology fieldwork this Summer and will not be able to come.)  My husband's "immediate family" is one (him), unless you count me and our children, which I had already included in my count.  At any rate, the important thing is that ever since they announced that their wedding was scheduled for Summer 2015, at the earliest, I have been trying to grow taller, since losing weight for a special event is about as realistic as changing eye color.  Well, when my doctor measured my height Thursday, I had not even gained a fourth of an inch!  Rats!  But I did get a prescription for RetinA, which won't make me look better in a dress, but could work other magic.  Good Times!