Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Nick! And Tomato Plants From My Friend Amy Who We Almost Never See During The Summer Because Her Garden Gets All Her Attention 

My wonderful son had a birthday so I made him a card. So much fun to cut and paste stuff for people you love. I hope he puts it up on the refrigerator like I used to do with his.  

Here are my heirloom tomato plants started by the amazing gardening Amy, being carefully tended by John. What does my responsibility with regard to these beauties appear to be? Eating them, I suppose.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Birds

Someone who thought they were helping told me that I should never blog when I am out-of-town. But since I'm almost always out-of-town, I've decided (after thinking about the advice for two years) to just post anyway. About the interesting things that can happen when I am away from Tulsa - like my husband hearing rustling in his bathroom early in the morning, which no one else every heard. Coming from in back of the dryer. If it was a mouse it was the cleanest mouse around. And if it was a opossum (my guess due to their ability to remain totally silent and still) - well - Yikes!!
Look what happened when he banged on the wall next to the dryer vent!

Good Times!