Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Isn't The World Full Of Nice People and Even More Bugs?

Here's another fabulous Oklahoma bug - bright green with wings of the sheerest gold veined with black.  I've never really minded bugs and am quite enjoying most of these big guy - the ones over 2 inches.  But I am so over the teeny, tiny little ones.  I have spent a small fortune getting containers for anything nutritious enough to attract small bugs.
I bought my first every fly swatter to combat all those wasps who won't accept the fact that their nest is gone.  And speaking of my wasp nest, (which turned out to be the first of four that needed removing), here's a picture of the guys who took down that first, the most threatening of the nests.  On the left is Zackary Burr, who must be related to the handsome guy who played Perry Mason, Raymond Burr.  On the right is Carson Freckleton, who had a birthday today.  His splendid height was invaluable in knocking out those wasps.  Nice guys, and whether you believe as they do or not, you have to give them credit for their hard work as LDS Missionaries.  I like to make sure they get fed regularly.  And buy them the occasional Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper, which does have caffeine, but isn't coffee, so it's OK.  They are surprised at how many people think caffeine is a problem and very nicely tell them that they might rather have the Sprite instead.  Oklahoma has such nice people.
I wonder how many Catholics, myself included, could give up 2 years like this.    


  1. Hi Beryl
    Do bugs really like Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper? Who would have "thunk"? I knew this photo was taken at Cracker Barrel when I saw the white rocking chairs; and then I saw the sign! Nice looking young men.

  2. Having lived in SLC for 4 years, I met my share of LDS missionaries. Funny enough, Bill met some on the Metro in South Shields, across the river from us here. They go everywhere - but always, always in pairs, to keep them safe from...whatever. It's sort of a rite of passage for them and one of the reasons why Utah is one of the most multi-lingual places in the States. Glad they could help you out with the wasps. Critters in Oklahoma proliferate because of the humidity. I have to say I don't miss cicadas at all.

  3. Hi I just retread you post and realize you are buying soda for the young men, not bugs. Joke on me! Lol. Sorry!! Sometimes I get in too big a hurry and don't read carefully!