Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Penny

Have you seen the new penny?  The front is the same as always, but instead of states, like the quarter, there is a shield that is reminiscent of the Badge 714, from the old TV show Dragnet.  It was Joe Friday's badge number.  I remember the Badge number specifically since my father's badge was 715, and the badge issued to the officer before him was 713.  That's right - Dragnet was such a huge part of the public consciousnesses that they didn't give out Joe Friday's badge number.  Just the facts, mam.


  1. I haven't seen the new penny but will be on the lookout for it. Interesting story about the badge numbers. I was a huge Dragnet fan; of course, there weren't many choices in tv programs back then, but still, it's a classic! Nice remembrance you have of the badge numbers!

  2. Oh, dear, now you'll have me going through the pounds of pennies in my purse. I hadn't noticed the change and how cool that Dragnet (a show I loved) had that impact on the culture.

  3. Hi Sanda and Terri - How could I have missed replying to these great comments. These new pennies are easy to spot since they're so clean. I like hearing that silly old Dragnet was enjoyed by other young girls. I loved the drama of it. And I guess it didn't have much competition.