Friday, May 30, 2014

Spent Easter Weekend In London - But Many Of My Pictures Were On My iPhone And My Cloud Was Full So When My Phone Broke, These Were What I Had Left

 Spent Saturday at the Royal Air Force Museum - Amazing collection of planes!
 St Pancreas Hotel was totally beautiful.  We had our Easter Tea there.  Lovely Sandwiches, Bunny Cookies, and an odd Carrot and Chocolate Mouse - which tasted just like Carrots and Chocolate.

 (One spoonful was all I needed.  You'd think as much as I love Carrot Cake that this would have worked for me - it didn't.)


  1. London for Easter - very special, Beryl. The Easter tea does look festive, especially the little bunny cookie, but really carrot mousse? A bit weird, I think. So sorry about the photos in your phone, the perils of travel. You'll just have to go back next year and do it all again :)

  2. I ended up buying a second microchip thingie for my camera, I took so many photos (or thought I had...didn't need it after all). I have this love hate thing with technology. When I was working my job often sent me to London and the NE rail line stops at London's King's Cross. I often walked past St. Pancras, but it wasn't a hotel back then. I thought it was a crime not to use such a gorgeous building. We keep meaning to go back to London for fun, but just haven't fit it in. Carrott mousse indeed! A desperate attempt to get you to eat your 'five a day'!

  3. Oh what a shame about the photo, but at least you have memories of the trip.
    Carrots and chocolate?, I love both, but not together!

  4. Looks like a great place for Easter Tea. I can't imaging a carrot/choc mousse although like you I like a good carrot cake. Hope you figure out something for all your photos.


  5. Beryl! Your headlines crack me up!
    "Pancreas Hotel was totally beautiful. We had our Easter Tea there. Lovely Sandwiches, Bunny Cookies, and an odd Carrot and Chocolate Mouse - which tasted just like Carrots and Chocolate." Oh it sounds so yummy and so English, don't tehy do the tea thing so very well (much better than in NYork I reckon.) I'm just trying to think of that hotel, looks lovely.
    Im always useless posting while we are away unless I have the total attention of the 16 year to help me, the photos all got deleted last time i went to NZ even with his help reading your traveling posts Beryl