Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beautiful Savannah

If you lived in Savannah, Georgia, you could walk everywhere. But it would take forever to get around if you kept stopping to soak in the beautiful homes, churches, gardens, and squares. And read all the information on plaques telling the history of the city. Having lived my whole life on the West Coast, one of the most emotional moments for me was standing in the First African Church built by slaves and financed from the meager amounts they were able to earn, which many were saving to buy their own or their family's freedom. That's faith.


  1. Oh, I do love visiting the Deep South. Not sure I could cope with the humidity well enough to live there, but I sure love the culture. I remember my first awareness of the slave walls, in Nashville, that really got to me, just imagining the work of clearing fields and stacking rocks.

  2. Beautiful buildings, and so much history Beryl. And the quilt, so perfectly at home in that setting. It is very affecting to see lingering evidence of the time of slavery. We saw some old slave cabins in Alabama, much to my amazement. Keep having fun!