Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunday At The Circle Theatre and Smoke On Cherry Street

I wrote about the great time John and I had at the Philbrook Museum on Sunday, but we had a really nice day on Saturday too.  First we went to the Circle Theatre, which is an older Art House Theatre (might be the only one in Tulsa) and saw Magic In The Moonlight.  It was fun, but neither of us realized it was a Woody Allen film and there is just so much of Emma Stone doing Annie Hall that we could handle.  However the fashions were Absolutely Fabulous, and I must agree with Faux Fuchsia that the Gardens were also amazing.  And Colin Firth is always so entertaining. 
After the movie we went to Smoke On Cherry Street for a late brunch, which is impossible to find because there is no Cherry Street anymore - a secret joke the native Tulsan must find hilarious.  They gave it a number, 15th Street - I think, and then kept telling the newcomers about the wonderful restaurants located on Cherry Street - and the unfortunately named Cherry Street Farmer's Market, which is purported to be one of the best. 
But back to Smoke - John had the Green Chili Pork on Seasoned Potatoes with perfectly Poached Eggs.   
And I had a Petite Filet with the same.  Best Steak Ever!
Saw this old car in the parking lot of the Y and had to take some pictures - but it was just too perfect - it was made from a kit using a modern car base.  Still very cool.

Is everyone as worried for Joan Rivers as I am?  


  1. The food looks delicious. I was delighted to see your "kit" car after you mentioned it in a comment on my blog. Cute car but the authentic one stole my heart.


    1. Hi Darla - I meant to link to your car picture since it was genuine and far more wonderful. Wasn't that the same type car used by the wife of the Chief of Police for San Francisco, played by Susan St James and Rock Hudson - MacMillian and Wife?

  2. Funny story about Cherry Street How amazi NGO that you remember the car driven by McMillan's wife. How I loved that show. I remember she slept in a football jersey type nightshirt. I just had to have one. Mine was orange. I Was about 25 years old. That was a long time ago!

    1. Hi Sanda - And didn't we all think that Rock Hudson was straight? What fun times!