Thursday, June 16, 2011

Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz

Last night was totally fun. Went to the Auld Dubliner Pub in Irvine for the pub quiz with my son Zach, daughter Amanda, her boyfriend Mike, friends Hope and Justin, and Lewis. We finished in the money with a very respectable second place. Who knew the address of the Griffins from the cartoon Family Guy? Yes, Zach did. (31 Spooner Street.) That was from the Prime Numbers round. Also in the Prime Numbers round was a question about Jacquee Harris's late 1990's series. Since "227" was in the '80's, everyone got credit. Darn! And as usual, Amanda rocked the music round and Lewis knew more movie trivia than would seem humanly possible. Mike is the guy for anything Biology (pre-med) and now we all know that an elephant's tusks are teeth, not horns. Justin takes the Engineering and math and Hope is awesome for all general knowledge. In case of a tie, Zach is the secret weapon in a dance off. (Images courtsey of the Geeks Who Drink Website.)

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