Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Niece, The One Who Told me I Should Start Blogging, and Flowery Compliments

I love both my sisters' families. They are amazing mothers. One has given me two fabulous nephews with great wives and kids, and the other have given me a mixture of nephews and nieces, one of which has two of the most darling girls. She is the one who told me I should start blogging, as a way to keep my family informed of the twists and turns of my fairly boring life as it is lived in far flung environs from the rest of my family. We have the best discussions and I trust her for honest assessments. Today, we talked about how hard it is for our family to convey how wonderful we feel the people in our lives are. We are from half French stock which tends to the critical snide and we have the vocabulary that they gave us. When delivered in person, "Isn't she skinny?" isn't insulting because of the delivery. On a blog, all that's left is the insult that "skinny" brings to the table. We wish we could put to paper (albeit electronically) the feeling we have for our family. We wish it was easier for others to see what a sweet, goofy, marshmellow of a woman her mother is. We wish we were Southern, maybe? Suffice it to say, I am moved to near tears every time I see my sisters and their children and their grandchildren, with the overwhelming beauty of them as God's creations, properly nurtured on this earth.

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  1. I found your blog! (I'm the niece, thank you very much.) I was reading this post did we talk about this besides today? I didn't realize you were a master of technology and posted it just fifteen minutes ago! Thank you for your sweet compliments (even if you are French). I look forward to keeping up with you on this blog!