Sunday, June 24, 2012


When I first Googled $1000 Phone Bill Scam, all I got were tons of posting by people who actually had used their phone so much, what with data charges and roaming in Foreign Countries, that they really did owe over $1000.
My husband just told me he also got an email saying that our family cell phone bill was over $1000.  He only knew to mention it since he saw I'd made a big thing about it in yesterday's post.  I asked if he'd clicked on any links in this email and he said, "Of course not.  The cell phone bill is your business."  He lets me do the business stuff, since I'm good at it.  And he does the vacuuming.  That's what works for us.   


  1. I wish I could say I was good with business - I'm terrible at it, and at housework as well. Useless, me!

  2. Hi Shelley - Some of us are lucky enough to find men who love us for our personalities! I'm sure you're not "useless" to Bill!