Saturday, November 17, 2012

Better Than A Real Gift - A Pic-Gift!

Had dinner tonight with the most fascinating and fun Catherine and her Sweetie, who is equally amazing, before our annual visit to The Festival of Trees at the Philbrook Museum.  John and I had gone to a small church Christmas bazaar this afternoon, and I took a picture of this silly, but cute item - a bottle of hand sanitizer done up to in Santa dress, with "Santa-tizer" written on it.  And I told her that as a birthday present, I had just taken a picture of this little curiosity, and had no plan to burden her with an actual gift of it.  Since the picture was the present, (and a better present than its subject matter), she coined the name "Pic-Gift", as a new category to blog about.  So here is the first Pic-Gif!  Do you have any tales of gifts you would rather have just gotten a picture of instead?
*** I just realized that the Chia Pet is a perfect example!


  1. Yes Beryl, I have a good one. Last year at our Christmas luncheon at work, we did the "dirty Santa" gift exchange. The gift I received was a spray bottle of something called "Poo-Pourri" and a roll of bathroom tissue. Rather than tell you about this product, I refer you to this link:

  2. Oh Sanda, all I can say is, "What were they thinking?" You can't even re-gift something this bad.

  3. Sanda's gift wins in the awful category. I do remember a sweater I received once tho... shudder. A pic-gift is a great idea. Doesn't take up much room either.


  4. Hi Darla - That's right - it's perfect for the person who already has everything! Some people spend months knitting horrible sweaters that the recipiants then has to wear - I just hope your awful sweater was not one of those.