Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Love Breakfast Best When Someone Else Cooks It For Me

Dave Seminara writes an interesting blog - quite self-serving (as opposed to self-centered, which is the purpose of most of my favorite blogs).  I just read his take on the free breakfast that many hotel chains provide.  Since he titled this entry: Hotels That Serve Glorified Prison Food For Breakfast, we can assume that he either is frequently incarcerated, or not a fan of the free breakfast. (Spoiler: It's the latter.)  
Since my husband travels constantly for work, he has one of these breakfasts at least 200 times per year.  In all these years, he hasn't complained about them even once - except for when they refill an old coffee urn with hot water for him to make tea.  (A complaint not addressed by the article.)  Believe me, there is nothing worst than getting ready for the first glorious mouthful of morning tea (brewed with a favorite brand bag brought from home if Lipton is all the hotel offered), to find it mingled with coffee.  Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!  (And he actually likes coffee.)  (Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely dislike the taste of coffee - not in coffee ice cream, coffee liquor, coffee candy, chocolate desserts, mocha anything - and certainly not in tea.)  So now he just goes into the kitchen and gets it from the boiling water tap if the water offered has that stale scent.  Problem solved and no need to write about it. But my point, and I do have one is that the comments go on about how everyone needs lose weight and it can't be done if you eat the foods offered for this free hotel breakfast.  Well, have you seen my husband?  Suffice it to say that he has no need to lose weight.  (Or gain it - he is perfection!)  Even eating these breakfast the majority of the time.  Will America ever ease up on the weight issue?  Do you really think you are helping?    


  1. I think we should follow the example of the French and learn "how" to eat. Then we wouldn't have to worry so much about how we are going to lose the pounds. It's all about our attitude toward food, and lifestyle. Snacking and time on the sofa are not so common there. We need to get out there and walk!

  2. I think it is possible to eat healthy on these free breakfasts--I tend to grab a piece of fruit and plain yogurt if they have it.

  3. Hi Sanda - One of the first things I noticed about shopping for food in France was that the prepared food was prohibitively expensive for everyday consumption. And eating out even more so. Add to that the excessive amount of free time available for preparation of this cheap, fresh food, allowed to the French by their short work week and numerous holidays, not to mention the whole month of vacation (usually August - and, of course they eat differently.
    Americans just work too hard.

  4. Hi Terri - I almost never wake up early enough to have my pick of the yogurt, but John does. He usually gets yogurt and mixed it with cold cereal, unless there is decent oatmeal. My favorite is when they have a grill and then I get 3 fried eggs.