Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Husband Is A Classy Guy!

While I was in Fort Worth/Dallas for my birthday, I took a long walk, since it was so refreshingly cool - less than 100 degrees.  No kidding - I don't think it got over 99 all weekend.  Such a relief from the 114 of Tulsa.  I found this place for lunch by smell.  Wonderful food which you could smell from a block away.
I have often said what impeccable manners my husband has.  It's true that you can take him anywhere and he will fit in.  Classy guy!  One of my favorite things that he does which I consider very classy is that he folds his socks into pairs.  None of those sock balls for him.


  1. Oh BBQ, how I love it! That looks like it was delicious.
    Folded socks? Oh my, I'd be thrilled with sock balls instead of piles of singles laying about.
    Lucky you.

  2. Hi Debbi - That food was amazing. I'm glad you caught the fact that what's great about my husband has nothing to do with how he matches up his socks - it's the fact that he does it at all! I am pretty lucky!