Sunday, August 12, 2012

Need To Learn Korean

Fabulous Sunday here in Southern California!  Had a terrific day at Disneyland.  Shortest waits of any sunny day in recent years - as a matter of fact, as short as the waits that characterize the rainy days that have become my family's favorite times to visit.  And then tonight, I found that there are two Los Angeles channels that show Korean Dramas with subtitles.  Anyone who knows me knows that I can't resist a Korean Soap Opera!  (But this is a little tricky, because I had been convinced that all subtitles on American TV would be in English, only to find many Korean soaps have Japanese subtitles.  That won't work for me. although my daughter studied Japanese before she discovered her love of French.)  But I have decided it is time to get the Rosetta Stone Korean version.  I just can't waste the time doing nothing but watching the TV screen.


  1. Hi Beryl! I work on behalf of See’s Candies [], a chocolate & candy shop. They are opening a new store at the Tulsa Woodland Hills Mall next Friday, the 24th, and would like to invite you to a special blogger-only night on Thursday, August 23th at 7pm to enjoy free candy/chocolate tasting and maybe partake in a few fun activities with prizes. You will also receive a take home gift bag filled with See’s Candies treats!

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    Also, can you keep this comment hidden? I was going to send via email but was unable to find your address.


  2. Hi Adam - I'm not proficient enough at blogger to hide a comment. See's Candy is a favorite subject of mine and I hate to miss such fun. I'll be visiting that store in the near future to use my birthday gift certificates. Hope you have Marzipan!

  3. Korea makes some great TV. I just watched Grand Chef 2, and am watching the costumed drama, Tree with Deep Roots on

  4. PS: go to your blogger dashboard and click on comments- there you can moderate your comments and delete Adams for his privacy- he doesn't want to look tacky.

  5. Hi Bella - I just found out that Netflix has lots of Korean Dramas. Easier to watch on the big screen TV than the computer. And thanks for the Blogger tip - of course I should just delete that comment. How's the new place?