Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dinner With Agnès And Friends

An evening with an old French friend, Agnès and her lovely roommate Susan. Actually the word Agnès uses is "flatmate". Agnès' English is flawless, but she still enjoys letting out a room in her apartment to an English speaker to keep current. Although Susan is from India, English is the language spoken in her home, so this is a perfect match. Not to mention that Susan gets along perfectly with Agnès' wonderful daughter Maryanne. Agnès made a fabulous chicken dish with barley and we drank Kirs and Burgundy. Good Times!


  1. there's an ingredient I don't think I've seen outside of soup. Any chance of a recipe?

  2. Well, I've just caught up on your Paris trip. I've been to France three or four times (it's like going from OK to TX from a Brit's standpoint), twice to Paris. I should write about those trips some time. The first was to do a race - about 10 miles, I think, between Paris & Versailles. The start was at the Eiffel Tower. I kept having to pinch myself that it was my life I was experiencing. We're talking about spending a month in France in the motorhome, perhaps this summer.

    However, I've never experienced Hawaii. I'll look forward to hearing about that trip!

  3. What a perfect way to describe a Brit's trip to France. (Because it didn't take long to figure out that Texas is a whole different country, too.) I guess that's why Eddie Izzard (and so many others) speaks such perfect French. A motor home trip through France is something I have been dreaming about since my first trip in the 1970's.
    It's been a long time since I was a runner, but (like you) I am a little slower than my husband. 10 miles would be quite the test for me, but for that race, I could start training right now.

  4. Recipe, huh? The Barley was just boiled and the Chicken and sauce was served over it. I think the sauce was cocomut milk, tomatoes, cinnamon, Garam Marsala, Fines Recipe, as I remember it: The Barley was just boiled and the Chicken and sauce was served over it. I think the sauce was coconut milk, tomatoes, cinnamon, garam marsala, Fines Herbs,a pinch of cayenne, and pepper. (No measurements.) She put it and the chicken in an antique pressure cooker and cooked it for 30 minutes. After dinner, she served lavender tea, and was impressed when I commented on keeping the theme of dinner because the distinctive thing about Fines Herbs is the inclusion of lavender.
    I like to use Barley instead of noodles when I make Chicken and Noodles, which, of course, makes it no longer Chicken and Noodles, But you know what I mean. It can sub for rice almost anytime, except in Asian food. I tried, but it was just never right.