Saturday, January 28, 2012

Turn Off Your Kindle!

Did you know that there was a Tulsa Soaring Society? Neither did I. And I'm telling you that's not good news. John flys so much for business, the last thing he needs (or that I need for him) is a hobby flying gliders. I thought he was going to join his office's shooting group. Or one of the many Bass Clubs - you know, where they go out and fish for one particular species of Bass.

On another note, when flying to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines, they continually made the announcement that it was time to turn off all electronic equipment - then they specified "computer, phone, electronic games, and Kindles". So I asked if my Nook was special and didn't need to be turned off. (Just to be silly - I do know better!) But it turns out that the Kindle thing is part of the script, written by Alaska, which is headquartered in Seattle, just like Amazon is. Pretty tricky. Kind of like subliminal. Remember the original Exorcist? It has these really scary images spliced into the film and wow, was it creepy!


  1. I suppose it could be 'product placement' or it could be like we used to say 'Xerox' instead of photocopy. Here in Britain they don't vacuum, they 'Hoover'. It's one of the terms I haven't quite picked up, but find myself using intermittently.

  2. One of my favorite things is watching British sitcoms - not just for the humour, but the atmosphere. The term "Hoover" has always cracked me up. I can't imagine Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet) using it, though.

  3. So I wonder if the airlines gets a kick back from Amazon. Kleenex is another word in this category.

    That bass fishing can get expensive!

  4. Bass fishing expensive??!! I was thinking hooks, line, and worms - how much can they cost? These Midwest hobbies are such a mystery to me. Don't tell me ammo is pricey, too.