Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Honolulu Luau

Year of the Dragon Begins!

A real live Luau! Bit of trivia - the pig we see being taken out of the pit at the Laua is served to the staff. The guests are served pig cooked in the kitchen to state health standards. This is Deborah Ann's Poi face! And my "I know better than to taste the Poi face".


  1. Poi: are we talking mashed cooked corn? Sounds bland, but not too disgusting. What made it awful?

  2. It took a little looking, but I now know what Poi is. You know how tulips are grown from bulbs? I guess there is something like a bulb called a corm that some other plants come from. Not a root, but kind of looks like one. Well, the Taro plant corm is boiled and then mashed into a gummy purplish glob and then water is added until this is the consistency desired. That's why there is two or three finger style Poi - it's how many fingers you need to grab any Poi out of the bowl. Texture is too weird and taste is slightly sour (to my taste buds, at any rate). I'm not a fan!