Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good Time Saturday!

Had a terrific Saturday, really nothing like the usual.  Well, except for the trip to the Recycle Center - a necessity for a West Coast mentality.  (Our other option is to load the car full when we drive to Southern California and then send it all down the recycle chute at the apartment building.  Well, maybe just the once - OK, we have done this three times already.)  And we did start the day at the Y, just like every Saturday, with John swimming laps and me on the treadmill reading yesterday's book.  But then we really got crazy and headed to WilliamsSonoma to look at juicers.  John is a dedicated juicer and uses a Jack Lalane juicer, which is really engineered for only about 100 uses.  A casual juicer would have this until they sent it to the Goodwill.  That day would probably be the day that they tried to juice broccoli, and thought an apple would be enough to mask the taste.  But John juices every day he's home, which means he currently has to hold the lid on while feeding vegetables into the tube.  We have a month at the most to wait for WilliamsSonoma to put his dream juicer on sale.  But first we needed to pre-shop to discover which juicer is his dream juicer.
We went to Utica Square, where the fancy store are.  They even have a Saks, where I popped in to check out the Holiday shade of Chanel nail polish.  I want it - they're out of it.  But the tester was the best orange/coral shade and I'll have it eventually.
And then we strolled, passing all the stores, taking pictures of the wooden statues, and had Starbuck's tea and Key Lime Pie and Italian Creme Cake from my new favorite dessert place in Tulsa, Queenie's.  Good Times!


  1. Williams Sonoma and Chanel... nowhere on my radar. Possibly because I can't cope with anything other than clear or nearly white nail polish, my stubby fingers can't carry off colours. And I've never made that aesthetic move from the old sort of 'natural' colours like pink, red or orange to blues, greens and blacks. I think they are scary to look at!

    I like my fruit and veg un-macerated. The time will come soon enough when I can't chew food anymore, LOL! Mind, some of the cookware and clothes I've seen are beautiful and tempting, but I have things that work for me already and I'd rather spend the money on something else. Different stroke for different folks.

  2. Love those wooden statues - very quirky! I am into the juicing these days, but not broccoli... celery, carrots, oranges, much better! Hope you get the Chanel asap.

  3. We've picked up some good juicers second hand. My hubby likes to makes juices (cabbage is his favorite) and I always admire the color of juices--radish is the most lovely juice.

  4. Hi Shelley - I think the black nail polish is fun for Halloween, although I have never done it myself. I can't get into juicing vegetables, but I am a fan of fruit macerated in Brandy or other spirits.
    I do love kitchen tools, but it's been so long since I needed any new ones, that I was sort of glad to have the juicer wear out. Although I tried my best to get him to get a better one the last time. I don't like wasting money on short-lived appliances.

  5. Hi Patricia - How funny that you mentioned celery. In over 10 years of juicing, John has never used celery, until this morning when he didn't have enough carrots. (I am a fan of the celery heart, and always have spare stalks around.)
    Have to get that polish for my toenails. Just heard a comedian say it was important that when your feet peeked out at the end of the bed, your husband should know which ones were yours. And mine are currently without polish.

  6. Hi Teri - John has never juiced cabbage, but it is the one thing that my mother's family had juiced (in the 1950'2) for one uncle who believed it would prevent or cure ulcers.
    Wish I could find a Hurom Juicer at a thrift store!