Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yes, I Really Did Order The All-You-Can-Eat Rib Special

Had dinner tonight with my friend Jane, the Mah Jong teacher and math professor, who I hadn't seen since getting back to Tulsa.  She asked what I was in the mood to eat, and I said, something you can't get in California - Oklahoma food.  She was raised in the Panhandle, that intriguing bit that makes the state look like a skillet that you could just grab by that handle - and came up with this place right away.  Legend's Bar-B-Que and Steak Joint, with the motto "Smokin' The Competition".  And it just happened to be all you can eat rib night.  Which meant that it was cheaper to pay for all I could eat (4 ribs) than to just order the 4 rib dinner.  Same amount of food - just a dollar less.  Now, honestly, if someone hadn't recommended this place, would you chose to eat here?  (And in a rare fluke, my picture has actually made the building look better than in real life.)
All over the news - the reporting of how angry the British royal family is over the pictures of a topless member of the family.  While I would like to be sympathetic, I just can't help being a little practical here.  If your new in-laws insist on the wearing of tights (we would call them panty hose, I believe) at all times, what made you even consider sunbathing topless?  Now, anyone who knows me knows that I wish I had a picture or two of my body from back in the day when I had it.  I mean, there are no immodest pictures of me anywhere, so I have no proof.  So maybe in 30 years after having 3 or 4 kids, the young royal will take secret pleasure in the fact that everyone knows how great she once looked.  Just saying.  Bright-side and all.


  1. I'm envying you those ribs... Personally, I think she looks like a boy without her clothes on; I'm far more interested in watching what she wears than seeing her topless.

  2. The ribs look great.

    I forgot about the panty hose rule. My first thought was, "You're going to be the Queen of England some day, so keep your top on."

    I know what you mean about wishing there were 1 or 2 pics of myself back in my youthful prime. Oh well...

  3. Hi Shelley - Those ribs were wonderful. Nothing like them in Seattle, so I would be surprised if you could find any that good in Britain. Sorry. I do like the clothes that Kate Middleton wears - they are so pretty.

  4. Hi Cindy - I really never understood what time could do to the female figure. I'm glad you agreed about wanting pictures.

  5. Wow that's a good-looking plate of food. I hope you enjoyed every morsel and then some more.

    Do people really still sunbathe? Gosh, knowing how bad the sun is for you I can't imagine anyone would purposely absorb the stuff. I didn't know about the tights/pantyhose rule.