Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Baby Changes Everything

99 people have commented on the most recent post on that wonderful blog, Faux Fuchsia. In that post, Faux gives us a beautiful picture of her mother past, and her mother present, along with the incredible land she lives on. She gives us pictures and pithy chatter and beauty advice. Let's face it, her blog is amazing. She wrote almost daily before she got pregnant, during her pregnancy, and her maternity leave from the law firm, we know only as the "Coalface", an Australian term meaning pretty much the same thing the "Salt Mines" means to an American. She's been back at work for a week now, and noted in this most recent post that she was considering giving up blogging. Unless I was missing something, only Cybill, who I am not familiar with, and I said that she should consider herself and her child and do what was best for them, without any regard for what her readers wanted. It's the old female problem of trying to please, the common weakness that spawned the "Don't Say Yes, When You Want To Say No" revolution.
What's wrong here? This woman has a new baby, a demanding job, and a significant other (a Mr. Faux Fuchsia, as it were). We should thank her for all she has given us and wish her the best.
Would we all pay for a subscription to read her blog, so she is financial able to quit her job and just garden, cook, dress, etc and blog about all of it for us? Is it worth $1 a post, and are there enough of us who would pay the $1 per post to make it worth it? How about $1 per month, the amount I pay to have Martha Stewart's Living magazine delivered to my Nook? Just a thought.
Please don't stop reading because you think I'll be billing you for reading this - unlike Faux Fushia, I am retired with all my children grown and out of the house and a husband who works constantly, so writing this is my recreation. Heck, if you asked me, I might just send you a $1 for reading my blog for a month!


  1. When I was working I found I could manage one other thing beside work. It could be work and house or work and running or work and social life, but not three things. It wasn't just time, it was mental energy as well as physical energy. I can't imagine trying to maintain a blog and work a full time job - and have a life! I've not followed her blog, so I don't know how much she puts into it, but if she has a big following then chances are she spends *hours*. You are right, we women are born people pleasers!

  2. Yeah Shelley, I am pretty sure her blog takes some time. It is really wonderful, although I'm not in Australia and can't visit the restrauants she shows food from; I don't garden, but love all her plant pictures; I don't blow dry my hair, but enjoy her tips on blow dryers and updos; I love her dresses and J Brand Jeans, although most of her stuff doesn't even come in my get the concept....for me it's just a fun thing to read. She uses unusual words and phases that have suddenly popped up in other blogs, and are usually credited to her, (except by the shameless). "The Universe directed me to action a pudding", "Vegetarians, Look away now, this post is meatalicious", "I luff it 11/10!", "Chipped nail polish revolts me!" are just a few.
    PS: Where do I send your $1? ;-}

  3. Beryl, You are so kind. I agree that I've often been tempted to pay people to read my blog, so we'll just call ourselves even, shall we? I love that you can appreciate my home state - Oklahoma skys are some of the best I've ever seen in all my travels. And yes, this time of year winter gets a bit old. At least you can reasonably count on having a spring and a summer. One never knows here in the north of England. I've say in my back garden or walked around outdoors in shirtsleeves without a sweater exactly twice in 16 years... Still, I can manage sandals at slightly cooler temps than I can bare arms and I've learned to be grateful for what I get (and to fly somewhere warm...)

  4. OK, Shelley, this is so timely. It started snowing last night and is still everywhere. But this weekend, it's going to be 60+ degrees. Isn't that wonderful. The most confusing thing for me is having clothes for the weather extremes and never packing anything away. And living here is inexpensive enough that I can fly off when ever I like. When we lived in Seattle, there was never enough extra money to go someplace warm, so I really appreciate this.
    We're even! Pretty funny. PS: I couldn't get a comment on your post about Brown being the color for February. What an interesting way to chose what to wear.

  5. I'm unfamiliar with Faux Fuschia's blog, but I am very familiar with the demands of real life on a person who has every good intention to blog. I'm in a period of grading this week and tonight I helped the grandson make a Valentine's box...

  6. I am so jealous of you getting to make a Valentine's Box. I'm assuming it's the decorated shoe box that all the class Valentine cards get stuffed into.
    How discrete is your grading system? When I used to do undergraduate grading, I would have 4 groups that were obvious, an almost natural occurance like the Bell Curve. Then, because the University of Washington has such a weird system, I would have to separate each group into 10 more groups. (Except the "A's" - they only went from 3.6 to 4.0.) (Which created quite a hardship for the A students when competing for grants, etc. against other university's students.)
    Check out Faux sometimes when you just want to be entertained.