Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ten Pounds Or Ten Percent?

With a wedding in August, comes pictures that will be around forever. I have heard of people dieting to prepare for these pictures, and am mulling it over in my mind. I have also heard that the camera adds ten pounds. But I don't believe that. The people being discussed are like Sarah Jessica Parker, and since she only weights about one hundred pounds, we are talking about ten percent, not just ten pounds for most of us. Which means that you need to diet until you are at your desired weight and then lose ten percent more. So it appears that I won't be eating after June, or maybe May. Rats!


  1. Oh Beryl, please no rats! You could try Ensure. But I think all that ten pounds or 10 percent is just putting yourself under too much stress. Just go and enjoy!!

  2. Two photo tips:

    1) No wide-angle lens photography. It adds the most "poundage".

    2) Tell that photographer to *back it up*. Too close adds on weight, too.

    I'm not sure I agree about the photos = weight gain. I see it in average or poor photography, but I've done portraits and know you can slim a person without photoshop.

    No need to diet!

  3. Sanda, You are so funny! One of my little brothers had a pet rat that really bonded with him, even sleeping right next to him on his pillow.

    Hi Catherine, How generous with your considerable knowledge you are - very helpful. Thanks! I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate those tips. So, I'm not really going to do any serious dieting now.
    I always have an Ace in the Hole where it comes to family pictures - I can blow-dry my hair straight. No one knows where to look, they are so confused.

  4. I must admit I've never considered dieting for someone else's occasion. I just make sure my hair and make up looks as good as I can and that I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing.

  5. Hi Shelley - The last special occassion I even went out and bought a special dress for was my wedding, 33 years ago. Actually, John's mother had one of her designer friends make my dress for me, when they were whipping up her outfit. She wore a wonderful green velvet suit and looked terrific. My dress was pretty good too, although I switched out the designer's belt for a Yellow Ribbon.