Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giving Up My Small, Smug Frugalities - Day Two

So far, so good on my plan to give up my small, smug frugalities (SSF's) for Lent. I am looking forward to being in Southern California next week and changing from Starbucks to Jamba Juice and Strickland's excellent ice cream. Please, someone in Tulsa, take up the slack at the Oklahoma Starbucks. Just remember to leave $1 tip - think of it as charity, if you like. It will make a difference!


  1. You don't stay home for long, do you? Seems like just last week you were in Hawaii and Paris! I can't keep up with all your travels! How long are you in So Cal?

  2. Hi Shelley! My daughter decided to get married in August and I am going to be there to plan the wedding. I hope it's a two week thing, but I am squeezing in a visit to my old dentist while I am there. It is so scary trying to find a new dentist - well, actually new everyone! I have to get a haircut one of these days, too.