Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't You Love Taking A Picture Of People Taking A Picture?

This is Juliette, an engineer from China.  She is here on her first trip to the US learning about the products manufactured by the company my husband works for.  She will represent the company for all of China.  Big job.  But today was Sunday and so we took her to dinner and sightseeing.  Don't you love seeing your town from the perspective of a visitor? 


  1. Bill loves showing Americans around his part of the world. I don't think you've seen your town until you've done the tourist thing. And I've taken photos of people taking photos of me for...40 years now? Enjoy your visitor!

  2. Hi Jill - It was a lot of fun showing her around. Now that I do a blog, I've really gotten into taking pictures, so we had fun taking thme together. Her eyes really lit up when I showed her my Mah Jong pictures. I forgot that the game looks the same here as in China.

  3. Hi Shelley - reading your blog is like being shown around your town - very fun! I just started taking pictures recently. It would be lots of fun to have more pictures of people taking pictures of you. You were ahead of your time.