Monday, April 9, 2012

Lent Is Over, So What The Heck Am I Doing Letting Starbucks Make Tea For Me?

Remember a couple of days ago when I was excitedly awaiting the end of Lent and saying that I was going to make my own tea for a whole week? Oops! I seem to have gotten too comfortable with the whole indulgence thing.

Will anyone be going to see the Stooges Movie?


  1. I think maybe you have formed a habit there? I didn't know there was a Stooges movie but in any case I never much appreciated slap-stick humour. It always looked painful to me, not funny!

  2. I can't imagine seeing it in the theatre, but I never know when my husband's childhood is going to factor into our movie choice. Next they'll remake Laurel and Hardy movies!

  3. Hey, if the good people at Starbucks want to make you a cuppa tea, who are you to argue?

    Historically, I've always hated the Stooges. But every time I see a commercial for the new movie, I crack up! Apparently my regression into a state of immaturity is now complete.

  4. Good for you, Anne! Actually, I think the commercials for the new movie are much funnier than any of the original stuff.