Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Grew Actual Food!

 My plants have behaved very well.  A surprise for me, since I never actually expected anything to happen with these 20 cent Walmart seeds.  I stuck them in the dirt, covered them with a clear plastic dome and left them alone for 3 weeks.  And here is my first Nasturtium flower!  Beautiful. 
 And there are enough beans to have eaten them for dinner, just on the few plants I left on the small back porch.  But I didn't have to cook tonight, since all John's work friends (plus me) went out for Sushi.  That's right, it might not be on the coast, but Oklahoma has some of the best, freshest fish, both cooked and raw, you can imagine. 
Not the best picture, but it was a fun evening.  90% business, but that's to be expected.  You can see Juliette pretty well, and Frank and Ricky - all of whom have been mentioned here before.  Frank is the man who was on the other side of the Elvis statue in Las Vegas, with my husband, all crooning into the mike.  Ricky is the guy who makes my husband's life so much easier because he was such a quick study and could pick up all the West Coast so fast.  I would have used his name before, but I was unsure how he spelled Ricky (Rickie), which is the height of absurdity, since my husband gave him the nickname and no one else calls him that.  I should have just asked John how to spell it.  Which is what I did tonight, and you can see what he decided.  You only get to see Jerry's hands, which is a shame, because he is ex-marine handsome - kind of like Gibbs on NCIS.  He's in my last year's birthday post pictures.  (He sent me that incredible B-17.)  And there is a new guy named Richard, who evidently lost some contest my husband devised where there was competitive proofreading.  Yes, John knows how to motivate.   


  1. Did you know that nasturtium leaves can be added to salad? Not too many, they have a peppery flavour, but they do add interest.

    Hmmm, NCIS is a show I will sit and watch. Mark Harmon is definitely a good twin to have.

  2. Hi Shelley! I have used the flowers, but not the leaves. I have so many of them, I'll probably try it. My mother made salads out of everything. It just balancing out the lettuces that is a challenge. Like you say, "not too many". Thanks!
    PS: NCIS is the show both my husband and will watch it. Although originally I thought it was too icky, now I just cover my eyes. Bones is the same for us.

  3. You have a green thumb! I love having nasturtiums in the garden. Those are a particularly lovely colour you have there.
    We watch NCIS sometimes, Gibbs is kinda cute, no doubt about it! In my old career pre children, I used to be an Abbey, for real!

  4. Hi Carolyn! I did remember that you were a scientist, pre-children. And watching your sewing journey in light of that knowledge, (I truely have read your blog from almost the first day), I can see how it's the same problem solving, experimental type of approach. But much more fashionable than fingerprints and blood groups.
    I am very excited to have grown something other than Rosemary, which was the only plant that I could consistently grow in Seattle. Tulsa is a much better climate for the plants I like.

  5. I am much impressed! Imagine beans on the balcony! The nasturtiums are really healthy and beautiful. I like sushi, but my husband doesn't. I think I mostly like it because it looks so gorgeous! Sounds like you had a fun evening.

  6. That red flower is just beautiful. I hope I get some more. I am not the biggest fan of raw fish, because I like it better cooked. But it was very attractively presented. And a lot of the sushi in this place was cooked.