Friday, April 13, 2012

Frothy, Creamy Deliousiness - Tomorrow I'm Going Back For One Of Those Chai Tea Lattes!

I thought my Lenten resolve to give up my Small Smug Frugalitites would be misunderstood by the people it was meant to affect, but I found out today that was not the case. The woman who started me thinking about all those serving people negatively impacted by her small act of giving up her morning Starbuck's latte stopped me this morning for a quick hug. She said that when she went back for her first treat after Lent, they welcomed her back, and said that they were happy her friend (me) had taken up the slack and that the Tip jar had not suffered while she was gone. And I discovered the Chai Tea Latte. But I am so glad Lent is over, because it was so much harder to find someone to tip everyday than to just give up Chocolate. Wait - I didn't mean Chocolate, I think I meant meat. Or Peanut Butter. Or was it sauerkraut?


  1. People have to give up lentils for Lent, right?

  2. Shelley, you are so cute! I wish I'd had you here when I was trying to come up with something obviously silly to give up for Lent. I love lentils, by the bye. I should put my Lentil Fennel Salad recipe on the blog.