Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have been in a land of disgraceful Internet - expensive and very bad - the Sheraton in Chicago - where they are preparing for Obama and Hillary next week.  If I had just paid the $14 plus tax per day I might have had better Internet, but I stubbornly tried to get the free stuff to work.  And I do think that it was a security issue, since the whole town was worried about that NATO Conference. (That would be the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, for those of us who keep forgetting that it's not just about North America, which if you were watching the Chicago Edition of Fox Morning News on Thursday, you would have found out that I am one.  But I looked real cute on TV, as did 2 of the other women I was with, the 4th of our group  having been totally edited out, for some odd reason.  Too bad, since she has such a sweet, Jackie Kennedy East Coast sounding voice.)  I went on an architectural tour on a river boat, a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan, a 4 hour bus tour of the city, and all that time, ate wonderful Chicago food.  I had such a great time!


  1. Whoa, I think this would be a VERY challenging time to be in Chicago...after some of preparations I've read about.

  2. Welcome back. One would think in this day that Internet in all hotels would be free. good for you for not bowing to the pressure to pay!

  3. I did look up the candy shop - one I'd not heard of before - and found that it was all over the mid-west. I was guessing it might be Chicago but I didn't get any real clues from the building photo and couldn't find the painting on any art websites to verify my guess...

    We absolutely loved Chicago, did several walking tours of architecture... even missed our plane home by 24 hours! Ouch!

    Glad you had a good time.