Thursday, May 10, 2012

This day started out well - that darling instructor Cynthia put out this bowl of Kisses for us after water aerobic class.  Right by the door to the shower room.  Sometimes the llittlest things set the tone for the whole day,
And speaking of the littlest things, this is Licia (I promised her that I would misspell her name so no one could Google and find her easily) (as if my blog would even come up Googling).  She is a mixture of a few types of American Indian and some German - the total effect being such serene beauty.  Her eyes radiate such intelligence. 
The afternoon was spent playing Mah Jongg, where I met someone new, with a name that is new to me - Zelma.  And next to her in the blue is my friend Carol, who had the idea for a neighborhood Mah Jongg group in the first place.  And for a perfect finish to the day, John got back in town and I picked him up at 5.  So nice to have dinner with him.  Like I said, it's the little things.  They all added up to one of those terrific days that I would have thought of as such a bore when I was a teenager.  Does anyone ever think about what our juvenile self expected our lifes to be like? 

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  1. What a thoughtful idea, those kisses. And yes, I take a lot of pleasure in little things, like having dinner with Bill. There was a great little book by this title and I wrote about some of the chapters -

    I can bearly remember what my teenaged self thought life would be like - I think the bodice-ripper books I was addicted to for a while sort of shaped my ideas... Gosh, I'm so glad to be older and saner now!