Monday, May 21, 2012

Everything's Bigger In Texas - Check Out The World's Biggest Cross

Driving to Southern California for Amanda's wedding is exhausting for me - having to sit in my very comfortable passenger's seat and snooze while my Sweetie drives.  Separate heat and cooling controls and a fully charged Nook loaded with books, magazines, and games.  Just a few interruptions, when John woke me up for Dairy Queen and Starbuck's stops, and to alert me to this photo opportunity (that's what he calls them).  Can you believe the devotion this took?  


  1. I have seen this very cross...and it is a landmark in that particularly flat part of TX.

  2. This is the sort of thing Bill would do, bless him. Bless all those lovely, thoughtful men, all five or six of them (sorry).

    Having grown up in Oklahoma, I'm used to the Texas 'everything's bigger' phenomenon. (It's a State of Mind). It's one of those things I look at slightly differently now. When Americans travel, there is sometimes a habit of constantly making comparisons in which the US comes out on top. It is one of the things which sometimes makes us considered 'ugly'. It's a hard habit to break, I know. I keep reminding myself how much more 'elegant' and 'refined' it is to just appreciate someone's building, museum, whatever, for what it is and keep all those boastful comparisons to myself, just my little secret.

    It's not just us Yanks, though. I took a visiting Scot to Temple Square in SLC, where they talked about the thickness of the temple walls. Which of course was nothing compared with Scottish castles... must be human nature.

    It seems to be a man thing, needing to be the driver, but I've always appreciated it just as you have. I did cross-stitch for thousands of miles in my first marriage, read my way to California and back in the second. These days I write or sew in the car/motorhome. I love not driving!

  3. Well, you have a safe trip and I know the wedding will be outstanding! Miss you in the blogging world and hope for you a very safe return.