Monday, May 21, 2012

Would You Buy Shares In Facebook?

Why on earth would anybody buy shares in Facebook?  NASDAQ (which is a fully automated trading system) is being blamed for the poor performance of these infant stock shares.  They want us to believe it's a computer glitch.  Couldn't it just be that everyone who thinks Facebook should have their money is too young to have that much money? 


  1. I put my money into index-linked funds without loads of fees. I sometimes think of buying individual shares for the potential perks (does it work that way any more?) and just to support brands I like (Levis, Maybelline, Clark's shoes)... It never gets very far. Facebook? Bill loves it. My blog / blog reading / email get all my screen time. I'm on Facebook but rarely check it. There are only so many hours after all.

  2. Hi Shelley! I am happy that you use your time on that wonderful blog of yours and not Facebook.
    My husband is allowed to buy stock on the parent company he works for, and that is the best place for our "gambling funds". That's sort of the same thing as buying stock in brands you admire, right?