Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Medicated Would I Need To Be?

Imagine a safe measuring 4'x4'x8'.  On the outside.  Ok, got it?  Now imagine a tornado coming your way and locking yourself inside this safe - maybe not just by yourself.  Is there enough Valium in the world??  My local TV station is giving away one of these every day. This is a contest I'm not entering.


  1. When I was a child, my parents seem to worry about nuclear holocaust (courtesy of The Russians) and imagine the coming of beings from another planet in about equal measures; tornados hardly got a look in. And no, they didn't do drugs, unless you count Schlitz beer. In the 35 years I lived in OKC I remember Gary England yelling a lot, but only one trip to the inside of a closet. I'm convinced that a big part of winning is not living in a place that tornados mow down every other spring (eg Union City). After that it's pretty much luck. We never had a shelter in the back yard, though it may have been economics more than complacency.

    That box sounds more like a coffin than a 'safe'. I'd pass as well.

  2. Glad someone agrees with me on this contest. My parents never worried about the Russians, but always said that we should be much more cautious with China. I think their reasoning was that Russia didn't have enough fit men to be afraid of, but China did.

  3. Is this a safe or a tornado shelter? I can imagine voluntarily locking myself into one faced with a tornado.

  4. That does seem small. I really don't like small, enclosed spaces. Then again, I don't like tornadoes, either. Tough call! Can I see what's behind door number 3, instead?

    Valium might help......