Thursday, October 27, 2011

BookSmart Tulsa Event Tonight

Back in Tulsa today. Wish I were still in Southern California, since the kids have car problems to sort out, but was excited about the BookSmart Tulsa event tonight. Disappointingly, I just got an email saying that the author of stealing Rembrandts cancelled at the last minute, so tonight's event has been turned into a party of sorts. I will still go, but won't get to ask about the Rembrandt etching theft from the Seattle area that was the last one in the book. The author even made a point of saying that Rembrandt's were slim pickings in the small town outside Seattle. I'm pretty sure it is one owned by the man I was out with the evening I met John. It was a TGIF party at the Washington Athletic Club. When asked, I used to say (truthfully) that I met my husband at a bar. (Not bothering to add "while on a date with another man".) When Nick was in Kindergarten, I was talking with a group of other mothers when the subject of where we had met our husbands was raised. One of the loveliest women I have ever met, Theresa Gallant, said she had met her husband "at a social mixer at a private club". Pretty classy, huh? (Her dad had a winery.) No kidding, she was the real deal. But back to my point, and I do have one. But I'll bet most of you have already guessed - we both met our husbands on the same day in the same room at the WAC. Good times!

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