Thursday, October 13, 2011

Las Vegas Shopping and Snails

In Las Vegas, for the non-gambler, there is shopping. The Fendi dress is covered in sequins that are silver on one side and metallic granite on the other. They are sewn on in such a fashion that you can turn them over revealing the other color with a light touch, forming patterns or messages. If I had $3000, I could have had this dress. It was the most tempting thing I have seen in years. I know it sounds like a very silly design, but in person it was very elegant. The Chanel duffel coat looks like something I might copy the next time I feel like sewing. I had to scope out the Vintage shop to reassure myself that Chanel used to be made to a higher standard. I was sure that the facings in the back of the earlier dresses matched up exactly, while the current collection let go items that had at least 1/8th inch difference. One of those things that no one can even see when you are wearing it, but for the price, it was a surprise. The neatest thing in the Vintage store was this Hermes Seascape purse with the lighthouse clasp. My mother's sister collects lighthouses, and I had to send this picture to her daughter, in case she had a big Vegas win in her future, so she would know what to buy her mother. The issue of what my cousin Jae gets her mother for Christmas is so terrible that it can occupy an entire year. After traveling to many antique stores searching with her mother for the perfect round table for her dining room (and finding it), my cousin spent an entire year crocheting the most beautiful white tablecloth. It was amazing. Everyone who saw it couldn't wait to hear how her difficult-to- please (French) mother would react to this perfect gift to top off her perfect table. Can you guess? She said, "Now I won't ever be able to get rid of that round table!" Although it was only 2 years later that she gave the table to a new neighbor - the exact location of the tablecloth is still in doubt. On a positive note, we were the only students in Kindergarten to have eaten snails that were cooked first.


  1. That purse is outstanding. I could tell immediately it was H--the red and how the leather pieces touch. I think this touchy French mother would be stunned into glee. I wish I was in the market for a sailboat clutch.

    WHERE is this vintage store in Vegas? I've been a couple of times now, but never knew of that.

  2. The shop was Annie Creamcheese and I think it was at the Wynn. The bag was absolute perfection, the leather looked brand new. Clasp was a bit worn, so you knew it had been used a lot.