Friday, October 7, 2011

How Can You Not Love A City Named Montebello?

Over 50 years ago, I lived in the City of Montebello, California. Not a lot of memories, but here are a few: absolute freedom of speeding off on my trike naked down the sidewalk (got spanked for running off, not for naked part); swinging almost to the moon after it had finally cooled off enough to play outside; following my amazing big brothers around; having my father lie on his back and fly us up in the air on the soles of his feet; my mother sewing wonderful twirly dresses for me on an old black Singer; and finding the hugest bug on the toilet one night when I got out of bed to pee.
On later visits to Montebello, I found that it wasn't nearly as wonderful a town for adults as I thought it was for kids. So, with this knowledge, I've decided to approach my time in Tulsa with the same disregard for adult concerns that made Montebello such a fond memory for me. Weather - not wonderful, but I'll wait until nighttime to swing; bugs - unbelievable, so I'll photograph them and marvel at their multitude; (I should note here that for my entire life since the mega beetle on the toilet fiasco, I have always checked the seat for creatures first, a colossal waste of time when viewed cumulatively); recreation - I'll swim as much as possible and get a new bike (which I will ride while dressed - the point at which I start riding naked again is a clear indication that it is time to put me in a home.); and flying - I'll fly off to Southern California whenever necessary (because sometimes it just is).

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