Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Chanel Holiday Nail Polish Plus Ramblings On The Location Of "Home"

Rouge Carat. I'm hoping this will be a great red with hints of gold - that's what I expect from the name. Since I'm in Southern California, I can just run over to the South Coast Plaza and pick it up if it is. Of course, when I'm in Tulsa, I have Utica Square and the cute little Saks store, but at South Coast, there's a Nordstrom too. And any other designer you can think of. They are decent sized stores with lots of stock, which is pretty exciting after Las Vegas. The Chanel store was having an event with their resort collection. My daughter and I couldn't resist stepping inside, to check out their pale yellow quilted lamb bag which was quite wonderful, in a totally frivolous manner.
Just that morning, I was sitting outside eating oatmeal with John, and an irredescent green humming bird with a ruby throat flew over to drink from the Bird of Paradise blooms, and I felt with utter conviction that I was "home", in a way only my childhood memories can shape the word. And being married to a man born in Seattle, I felt a little sad for him. Seattle could never be home to me; it's very important for the locals that we Californians know that. And here he was, totally bonded to me, but in foreign tertitory. When we are back in Tulsa, we are both in the same boat. Getting directions that include turning where the MacDonald's used to be. Huh? But we both feel very welcome there, which makes up for a lot of shared childhood history.


  1. oooh, I like the sound of "rouge carat!" You'll have to post pictures so we know what it looks like. A sense of home is a funny thing, isn't it? Nature-watching (including the hummingbirds) is one of the things that makes me feel most at home, too.

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