Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Party At The Ghost Bar

Went to a party at the Ghost Bar in Las Vegas last night. It's on the 55th floor of The Palms and on the patio there is a Plexiglas square that you can stand on and look down. It would have been more amazing if the glass wasn't all scuffed up from people's shoes, but it was still pretty neat. I love heights and usually just settle for bridges and Disneyland rides, but this type of thing could work for me. Word of warning - when you go to the Ladies' Room, don't freak when some silent woman in black creeps up on you. She is the attendant and there is a small space where she sits, that you would never notice until she materializes as if from thin air. I shrieked and refused the towel she held out with my usual "the resources of the planet are being used up at an alarming rate" spiel which was wasted on the ghostly entity which seemed to only understand Spanish.

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