Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinner For One

John is out of town and I have had an awful day. Usually I make sure to do really fun stuff and rather enjoy my alone time. But I wasted my morning trying to get my son, Zach, tickets to Comic Con. (You can read about it at the end of the post**, but I suggest skipping it. I only wrote it for therapeutic relief.) My husband informed me that we have no one to perform the ceremony for Amanda's wedding. Even the Internet Ordained Friend that John thinks would be fine, but I know would have half of my family - including me - boycotting, isn't available. And when I went to get the Medicinal Ice Cream to relieve my symptoms, they were out of the correct flavor. So I got 3/4 pound Sirloin Steak, ground, made one huge burger with Farmhouse Cheddar, picked up some Sweet Potato Tots from Sonic Drive-in, and a Cherry Mash Candy Bar for dessert. (At least I got my "Tip Once A Day For Lent" thing accomplished.) (Sonic gives you Caramel Sauce to dip the Sweet Potato Tots in - but although I was pretty sure this day couldn't get any worse, I still didn't want to chance it.) That Cherry Mash Candy Bar is some kind of regional thing that I had never experienced before a Pot Luck (I love Pot Lucks!!) when Joni made it for her dish. When she found out that it was new to me, she brought me one of the bars to Line Dancing. She told me that they sell them at some Country Store on Old Garnett and 116th. Thank Goodness, a real address, not the usual "two blocks past where (fill in the blank) used to be". They might replace Medicinal Ice Cream and Sirloin Steak- they are that good! And I know where to buy them. Day saved!

**What a lousy day!! The Saga of Comic Con ticket got continued today with the Super Secret link sent to those of us who missed out on tickets the first time, due to an untested failed link to the "waiting room" where we were given a number that told us how many people were ahead of us in line for tickets. Complicated - right? Here's what is so upsetting - if you went right to the Comic Con Registration page of their website, there was the button to click on to get to the waiting room. If you used your super secret link, it took you to the same page that could have been accessed directly without wasting time using that link. Since the difference between getting a ticket and not is a matter of seconds - wasting the 20 to 30 seconds using their link means you won't get a ticket. Once again - if you did what the Comic Con people told you to do, you probably didn't get a ticket. If you just googled Comic Con and followed the Google link to their registration page, you got in line ahead of everyone who did what they were told to do. And I knew it!! But stupid "rules follower" that I am, I still did what they told me and missed out. And for this, I stayed home from Water Aerobics.


  1. Oh, we have the cherry mash as one of our Christmas candies. I had a bad day on Wednesday. DH was off to play and left me stranded in the bathroom...with all the TP in the basement in storage. AAARgh. and TMI, I know.

  2. How funny! (Not in a good way, of course.) My husband thought it made sense to store the extra paper in his bathroom, now that he has his own. On what planet does that make sense?

  3. MMMM...Sonic tater tots! You sure know how to make a person homesick! Speaking of TP, we were told that whenever Bill's brother in law gets stressed out, he goes and buys loads of toilet paper (this is a man with quite a bit of money, but he's a real tightwad and he tends to buy a lot of something whenever it's on sale). There is a cellar full wine, champagne...and TP.