Monday, March 12, 2012

Some Things About Seattle That Never Disappoint

Some Things About Seattle That Never Disappoint - The first is of course my dentist, Dr Joseph Zimmer. And my hygenist Kristine, with the golden hair. (We decided it was the light shining in my mouth that lights up her hair.) And the office staff. I love that I see the same faces everytime for the most part. I suspected Dr Zimmer might be a little hard to work for, being as good as he is, but he must be OK, since lots of the staff stick around.

But the second is the Nordstrom's stores! Did you know that Splendid, the maker of that wonderful knit wear and silky t-shirt line, also has a shoe line? Neither did I. This Alex Bitar stuff is horribly overpriced, but still beautiful. And Dansco has a Vegan line


  1. Oh, those Dansko clogs...I want! And Dr. Zimmer is every bit as handsome as you describe.

  2. Well Terri, I must say that both the Dentist and the clog are even better in person. (The clogs are around $60, by the bye.)

  3. LOL at the above comments. Handsome dentist do make those drillings easier.

    Nordstrom rocks! I just got back from a huge preopening party for Nordstrom Rack- great event for bloggers in Seattle. They started it off by clapping at us as we came down the escalator. And the shoe department was amazing!the Citizen Rosebud

  4. Hi Bella! If you do end up in Seattle, Dr Zimmer is the best dentist and you should tell him Beryl sent you. (He'll know it's me.) Everyone I ever sent to him has thanked me over and over again. All his staff are excellent, but Kristine is the one I always get.
    Which Nordstrom's Rack were you at? My favorite is in Downtown Seattle - more shoes than you have time to try on in one day.

  5. We had Nordstrom's in Salt Lake City when I lived there, but I don't think I shopped there much (way too much of a tightwad...).