Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sodium Thiosulphate?

Yesterday I used up the last of my stash of Ultra Swim Body Wash, which I use after Water Aerobics in Tulsa, since the possibility of finding a Salt Water Pool here appears to be nil. I can't find it, not even on the Internet. I have to find a reasonable substitute, something with Sodium Thiosulphate, I suppose, since that's what neutralizes the Chlorine. Honestly, without the quick rinse with this stuff, I can tell the difference. It's Midnight, (after getting out of the pool at 10:30 am), and I still smell like I've been bleaching the bloodstains out of a crime scene. (And not in a good way!)


  1. Hi Beryl, hope you find it. If not, you may have to have another trip to Seattle or California to get some. :)

  2. Hey Sanda - I found a shampoo with it and might just try using it as a body wash. You surely look cute in the picture in your garden with Kris.