Sunday, March 25, 2012

Everything But Frog's Legs

On a normal day, I can barely be responsible for what comes out of my mouth. When out with Catherine and her boyfriend (not the best term for "the man she is in love with", but I await society coming up with a better, more concise term), it's more apparent than ever. Catherine follows any and all convoluted pathways the conversation takes, her boyfriend can add to your knowledge of any (and I do mean any!) subject, as well as coming up with a few doozy subjects of his own, and John is just so pleased with the whole harmonious vibe, that I don't even try to behave myself. So we were talking about eating Frog's Legs, one of Catherine's favorites (and my mother's, too). Her boyfriend isn't convinced, saying that she took him to the MacDonald's of the Swamp, and that the family-sized Bucket of Legs just wasn't his cup of tea. And I had to admit that I have never eaten Frog's Legs. But I am fairly certain that my grandparents served us everything else. And I remember the day I realized that my diet was not like my Mac & Cheese friend's. 3rd grade, watching my grandmother boil up something in a pan, I peeked in and noted that it sure looked a lot like a big old tongue. That's when I was introduced to the truth - that when I had a tongue sandwich, it had actual tongue in it. Oh no! Did that mean that those insects.........


  1. Your friend Catherine sounds like such an interesting person. I have eaten frog legs; they tasted like chicken to me. Have never eaten tongue.

  2. My mother once served a platter of frog legs for Sunday supper. It was not revealed until after the meal that we had not been eating chicken drumsticks.

    As a young married, I frequently made tongue. And I discoverely, that I liked liver when I could begin with a beef liver and slice it to my desired thickness rather than the thin slices one gets at the store.

  3. Hi Sanda! Catherine is so interesting that my brain actually tingles after a conversation with her. And her boyfriend is an author whose nonfiction I really liked, before I even knew that this guy was the same person. The best thing is that my husband is comfortable around them, which is not always easy for him. John uses so much energy at work, that he can be quite shy in purely social situations.
    Now that I live in Tulsa, the chicken is so good, that instead of eating anything that "tastes like chicken" (frogs legs, rabbit, rattlesnake), I am just going to eat chicken!

  4. Hi Terri! Where did you grow up? Frog's legs are so common in some places and absolutely exotic in others. Tongue makes great pate. As does liver. Did you do it up right with the grilled onions? You could serve tennis shoes with those grilled onions! Yum!