Friday, March 2, 2012


I love Netflix! I used to have to take my favorite DVD's back and forth between Tulsa and Southern California. Because although I have proclaimed (loudly) that I love TV, current programing doesn't give me that much to love. Sure, there's Big Bang Theory and NCIS, but it seems as if Reality Shows have taken over. And it's particularly odd that the DVD's I used to take with me are of prime time programs from the originator of the reality show concept - the BBC. But now with Netflix, I just sign on to my account on both my TV's and I can watch Keeping Up Appearances any time I like. As well as wonderful movies like Heartbreaker or Wild Target. Now if only they could get Cold Comfort Farm and a few Korean Dramas.


  1. I finally let go of my Netflix account. I have discovered that there are quite a number of full-length films now online, without the irregularities in pricing I kept experiencing with Netflix. I like the classic films, but Cold Comfort Farm is a funny film and a good book.

  2. My husband loves Netflix, so I don't have to think about the pricing. As long as he can watch Tin Cup whenever he likes, he's happy. He hates waiting for other sites to "buffering" (or whatever it's called)
    I actually saw the film before I realized that Cold Comfort Farm was a book. I have made a point of not reading it, so I don't start thinking the movie should have been better, since it's already my favorite. (I was happily reading Game of Thrones before I started reading the books and quickly lost interest in both.)